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Monday, 27 August 2012

Unholy gang rape and murder of 12 year old Christian girl

Muqadas Kainat - gang raped, throttled

On Pakistan's Independence day (14th August), some Muslim men decided to celebrate by gang raping and murdering a vulnerable 12 year old Christian girl called Muqadas Kainat (which means 'Holy Universe') in an wholly unholy act while her parents were at hospital where her mother was having an appendix operation.  After family realized she had gone missing, her father rushed home to search among neighbours houses in the Brick Kiln works where the family lived and worked.  The next day the Muslim Kiln foreman received an anonymous call on his mobile, stating she was in the fields, and after searching in the local fields they found her body.
The police post-mortem showed she was gang raped - police believe by 5 men - and then strangled.    So far, to BPCA's knowledge, no-one has been arrested.
What a happy and wonderful Independence Day in the nation with the most horribly ironic epithet - the so called 'Land of the Pure'.  

The reason this took so long to come out was because the crime happened in Sahiwal, which is somewhat remote.  
Please pray for the girls father Rafique Masih, and the mother and other family, and that justice would be done. 

It is for cases like these, and that of Rimsha Masih, the equally young girl arrested for 'blasphemy', that the BPCA is holding a demonstration outside the Pakistani Consulate in Manchester on 1st September 2012 from 12 noon to 3pm. Guest speaker David Dean of Nelson. 

Address 137 Dickenson Road, Rusholme, Manchester M14 5JB.

Nearest major railway station is Manchester Piccadilly.  Ardwick station and Levenshulme station are also close by.  


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