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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Pakistan and Zardari listen up!

Here are some slogans that need to be heard
To highlight the wicked and absurd

Pakistan how many innocents have to die
Until you kiss bigotry goodbye?

Pakistan coward state, 
Leaving victims to their fate.

Pakistan, we've given you ten thousand chances
How many more disabled have to do their deathly dances?

And to Zardari and the politicians in Pakistan, we are sick of empty words and worthless promises.  Actions and deeds, consistently over time are the only things that will satisfy us.  

Words are worthless, words are cheap
A pattern of deeds is what we seek.  

Your words are cheap, they cut no ice
Until you truly save a life.  

Until you stand for the rights of all, 
Your words are fake, they only appal.

Your empty promises do not count, we are witness
What you really do shows your moral fitness

While our lives are cheap, your words are too
Only a real change will do.

Any old fool can request a report
It takes a real man to do what he ought.  

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