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Thursday, 20 August 2009

At the recent 10 Downing Street Protest we had even more Christians turn up than at the Pakistani Embassy protest. Over 300 people made the event a real success and we were approached by many Christians from non Asian backgrounds and people from wider faiths who all supported our cause. It was heartening that on the day we received so much support for our endeavours and even more importantly, many people were reached that had no previous knowledge of the issues in Pakistan or their frequency.

I was called to the front to talk about the incidents in Pakistan and ensured that my talk was short one-liners, allowing crowd participation. Recognising the need to preach to the masses rather than ourselves I quickly resorted to high impact chanting that amassed a crowd of viewers on the other side. Perhaps in future TV interviews could be undertaken to the side of the protest (besides images of speakers at the side of a live protest have more impact than a speaker before a silent crowd!!??), rather than right at the front centre preventing people from chanting pertinent slogans that had real impact. those outside of our protest group indicated our chants and banners had the most affect. Please share your thoughts....?
Too many of our elders believe that chanting is just noise and don't really understand that such "noise" has been used since the beginning of time to raise political views. They also give little opportunity to our youth to make their voices heard. It is time this changed so that we can work more cohesively and allow the organic growth of new leaders from posterity. Don't get me wrong all credit goes to the Leadership young and old involved in organising the event!
Police Officer's remarked on how civilised a group we were. One even stated that he wished all political demonstrations were held in the manner that we conducted ourselves. This is an indication of our peaceful protesting that is commensurate with our Christian conviction. Well done one and all.

It is not often Police would be willing to enter into photographs and I thank the really friendly and supportive police that ensured our protest was a safe and enjoyable one. This is only another step in our campaign for justice in Pakistan and I am interested in hearing from people how we can proceed further in pushing for the abrogation of the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan.

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