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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Video of !0 Downing Street Protest - Note public watching from outside number 10!

In the video you will see a snippet of my public address near the end of the protest, I was also asked to lead the chanting throughout the event. This meant I could not take pictures or videos as I had at the first event. The camera person has not taken pictures or film of the wider participants of our protest and I would be grateful, if you could provide me with some pictures or films that illustrates the significant number of protesters, that were mustered in such a short space of time. It truly was a privilege to be part of a campaign of this type and again I give credit to the groups who arranged the protest. However, I must reiterate the need to continue the campaign with enhanced vigour and determination, if we are to see to fruition the removal of the unjust Blasphemy Law.

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