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Friday, 28 August 2009

Message from Tariq Chaudhry

I have received an important message from Tariq Chaudhry of Indian Christian Concern:

"A number of our community members had requested a copy of the Video Clip that we had shown at the Memorial Service that CCA had held on 14th August for the victims of Gojra & Korian Wala.

In order to get a first hand knowledge of the situation, CCA had asked a very credible, and highly respected journalist Mr. Anjum Herald Gill (Lahore, Pakistan) to prepare a report. Besides Mr. Anjum Gill, we are thankful to Romilla Mallo and Hijab Abraham for a lot of effort in preparing this Video.

For ease of access , we have placed this report on the You Tube for viewing. You are able to leave your comments on the video underneath the small display screen. Please click on the link below : The report if filed under : CCA GOJRA on the YouTube."

"We are grateful to the community for their support, in this cause. We will keep everyone informed of the developments."

Please do view the video and share your thoughts on this blog!

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