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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Images from the 10 Downing Street Protest!

My thanks to Kenneth Massey From Lancashire for his awesome pictures of our protest at 10 Downing Street. It evidences just how many brothers and sisters managed to respond to the call for action - with short notice. For those of you don't know the man in the light coloured suit in the last image is Bishop Michael Nazir Ali - our former Pakistani Asian Christian Bishop in the church of England!

Please follow the link about Michael Nazir Ali as much of our younger Asian Christian generation are not aware of the historical figures from our past. I will soon be writing a story detailing the trials and tribulations faced by the founders of the UK's first ever Asian Christian Church. It is important we venerate the heroes from our past as without them we would not have the structures in place now to tackle political items such as our recent campaign, nor would we have the plethora of worship and fellowship opportunities we are now blessed with.

Michael Nazir Ali addressing the amassed Christians united in their defiance of the unrighteous Balsphemy Law in Pakistan.

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