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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Christian empowerment!

In Pakistan the unjust Blasphemy Law is being utilised to terrorise and subjugate are bothers and sisters in Christ and to enact atrocities such as the recent attack in Gojra (1) (2) and those in the past at Sangla Hill and Shanti Nagar. Here in the UK however, it would seem that Christians are being continuously marginalised. In the picture I show an Asian Christian event banner that was ripped down at South Park in Ilford - "Paigaam-e-Kushkabri". When I tried to complain about the incident to the local paper I was being quizzed in a manner that could have suggested that I was targetting a particular faith. To protect myself I asked to be kept annonymous and referred to the incident as one perpetrated by someone avers to faith rather than Christianity. I do have my suppositions to teh make-up of suach a perpetrator but had to and still am choosing reticence to express this view. Why can we not speak openly about certain faiths when Christianity can be so slandered in this country....? Food for thought...? Why not share yours....!
The event was a reall succes with 1000's attending and I even got a mention in the local press as a community figure who attended. The perpetrators of the ripped banner have not been caught, however, you can see I made some makeshift changes to ensure people were still aware of the most excellent western church collaboration with the Asian Church. The Event was sponsored and put on by the following Ilford Churches:
City Gates
High Road Baptist Church
Cranbrook Baptist Church
Kings Church
Clementswood Baptist Church

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