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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Kind words of support! - much needed too!

We have received feedback from 3 significant people outside our Asian Christian Community, who have read this blog and felt it appropriate, to comment and provide words of support. From the Green Party a lead voice has stated:

"Well done to Chadwell Green for reporting on this tragic event and the solidarity demonstration. If he (or you) would like to put together a draft press release for Scott in the press office, who had his first day back today after a well earned holiday, I'm sure he'd be delighted.I think this is a good reminder to everyone that due to the fact we have a very understaffed press office if you don't tell them something is happening and help them develop a response then they don't have much time to do much more than firefight and cover their core tasks. It's up to all of us as a party to respond to events and when we don't it's a collective failure - not that we should beat ourselves up about the fact that as a small party we can't respond to or do everything."

We will of course be writing an appropriate article for Green Party Release!

Already a memeber of the Green Party has written a piece on his blog:

MP Lee Scott (Ilford North) could not come to our protest due to a prior commitment, however he stated:

"Dear Wilson, by way of this email please pass on that I call for equal rights for all whatever there religion. Regards Lee"

Lee has also asked me to contact William Hague Shadow Foreign Secretary and I am awaiting a response.

We have also received an email from Freddy O'neill from the well known pressure group - Fathers 4 Justice.

"Hi Wilson,we saw your protest day today. keep up the pressure, keep up the fight and keep on the good fight of faith. I was a leading member of fathers for justice, some times u have to embarrass the government to act and get in the media via action.freddie and nute. God bless u brother!"

Our campaigning is starting to have keep up the good work people!


  1. Dear Wilson,

    I was there last week you are a true inspiration.

    Love your "blog"


  2. Hi Diana,

    I am glad you think so as it is the sleeping giant (our established but disparate community) I wish to inspire to greater deeds for the betterment of Christianity and in particular Asian Christians. How about telling others of the blog and some reciprocal stories back from yourself...? We all ned to work together if our work is to bear fruit - let's not lose the recent impetus.