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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Remembrance meeting for Christians slain or injured in the recent Gojra attack

If you have booked anything this weekend please cancel it. A very important memorial is taking place in Birmingham. If there is anyway you can make it - do so! It is events such as theses that will ensure that our campaign is kept fresh and volatile enough to have impact. If any good has come out of the atrocity of Gojra is that it has made the sleeping giant awaken. Our community is now working together in unprecedented levels. Never have I seen brothers and sisters coming together in such fashion, collaborating in a manner that has been woefully absent in previous times. keep up the campaigning and the wonderful events and please cascade these items and any other general stories to us, so that we can share the news with brothers and sisters up and down the country.

For the first time ever a British Asian community is a reality and not just a soon to be discarded dream. Well done one and all.

I will be at the event and hope to meet many of you.....?

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  1. I am glad that someone is taking the time to try and let people know about the suffering that Pakistani Christians endure. I am almost disgusted to see that nobody else has bothered to show their support by leaving comments.

  2. Thank you for you interest. Give other readers some time...the longer this blog is active the more its viewers will get interactive