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Saturday, 22 August 2009

No more second class citizens of any nation!

We have protested against the unjust Pakistani Blasphemy law that has made second class citizens of religious minorities. Citizens of Pakistan from Religious minorities live in impoverished areas, they are unable to stand for senior elected position. Highly educated people are forced to undertake menial labour roles with limited opportunities for progress. Property is sequestered under duress, livelihoods are destroyed and our daughters are being raped and forced into marriages to Muslim aggressors using the Act’s for their own pernicious devices.

We hear of atrocity after atrocity and our lobbying has no effect on a government that repeatedly ignores the clamour for change and equality. We are calling on Western Governments to enter into dialogue with Pakistan to coerce the abrogation of these despicable laws. Britain is to blame for the heightened fanaticism and acts of violence against Christians in Pakistan. There illegal war on terrorism has made innocent and vulnerable Christians a primary target for militant religious fanatics. Asian Christian brothers in many other western countries are also spearheading a long campaign of attrition, that we hope will eventually see the fruition of a new freedom for minority religious groups in Pakistan.”

I challenge citizens of this country of any faith to support the cause:

“If you believe that the atrocity that occurred in Gojra was an inhumane despicable act, please lobby your local MP’s and MEP’s to raise the issue in their respective parliaments and international summits. Please also register your concerns with the Prime Minister Gordon Brown the Foreign Secretary David Milliband, the leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron, The Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, The Leader of the Liberal Party Nick Legg and their Shadow Foreign Secretary Edward Davey.” (the image is real)

Contact details are provided: Nick Clegg David Cameron David Milliband Edward Davey William Hague Gordon Brown

I am talking with the Green Party MEP's and will advise you of progress shortly.

We must all do our bit so please continue the good fight and cascade this blog to as many supportesr as possible!

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