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Tuesday 11 August 2009

Protest at Pakistani Embassy -11.08.09

Today at 14:00 in Knightsbridge, just opposite the Pakistani Embassy - over 300 Pakistani Christians from across the UK united to demonstrate against the recent atrocities in Gojra Pakistan (see video). A Christian village was pillaged and razed to the ground after an alleged blasphemy of the Quraan

On the 1st of August rampaging Muslims struck terror into the hearts of a small village community, purportedly led by a known local alqaeda militant. The police held back as 75 homes and 2 churches were burnt down. The rampant aggressors lay before emergency services such as the fire and ambulance teams preventing them from reaching the homes in which Christians
were being roasted alive.

Police authorities stood back while the carnage took place and no protection is being given to this beleaguered community that is still being threatened with potential violence. As the western world looks on these atrocities to religious minority groups, continues in countries that are purported to be British allies. The violence to Christians has increased during the recent British War on terror and thus I believe our government has a duty to stimulate a resolution to this matter.

I was invited to speak at the protest as a leading young Asian Christian and am proud of my religious and ethnic background. This demonstration was peaceful and we were joined by a few western churches. However, if we are to really make our voices heard it is imperative that more western churches join our clamour and support our cause. What is our cause you might ask....?

  • We want to see the total abrogation of the unjust Blasphemy Law 295 Section B and C. This act does not even require evidence to be enacted almost encouraging people to use the act to settle personal differences.
  • We want equal rights for people from Minority Religious groups so that they can vote in normal elections and stand for parliament and other government positions. Currently, Christians can only vote for Christians in provincial positions allocated to our faith.
  • We want the Pakistani Government to apologise for years of discriminatory practice, supporting of intolerance and unjust prison sentences for people from religious minority groups.
  • We want the Pakistani Government to allow more people from diverse faiths to seek employment within the Police, Army and other civil service posts.
  • We want the Pakistani Government to address the imbalance of opportunity and unequal distribution of wealth for religious minorities.
  • We want justice to be served on the intolerant people that have wrecked the lives and been involved in the discriminate killings of innocent masses.

Finally we want protection for the people in Gojra and for recompense to this community that will reinstate the lives of the shattered survivors.

We would like other faith organisations, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh or other diversities that are interested in supporting our efforts to make contact. Just email me your details as are going to arrange another event like this to continue our campaign. Please contact your Local MP's and MEP's for a resolution to this matter. The European Parliament adopted the Human Rights Act. Surely, now they should expect member states to adopt alliances with countries of a similar ilk...?

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Number 5 has an interesting BBC news feature, that shows images of the destruction and the charred remains of the City.

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