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Saturday 15 August 2009

Christian Persecution in Gojra

A Pakistani Christian Community in the city of Gojra (near Lahore) has been burnt to the ground by a rampant Muslim community, fuelled by unsubstantiated claims that torn pieces of the Quran were used as confetti at a wedding reception. 75 Homes and 2 Churches were razed to the ground as one family of Christians were locked inside their home roasted to death. 

When emergency fire and ambulance vehicles arrived to assist the community, the rioters lay before their vehicles preventing them approaching the city and rendering them incapable of helping the terrorised Christian community.

 The Police failed to respond to the incident and no arrests have been made for this despicable act, that may yet be sanctioned under the Blasphemy Act made law under Section 298A (1980) and 295 B (1982) & C (1986) of the Pakistani Penal Code. Using this appalling Pakistani law, Muslims perpetrators can have Christians imprisoned or killed, on a whim, for blasphemy against Muhammad or the Quran (there is no similar protection for other faiths??) - culminating in its common use to settle vendettas. More details can be sourced by following this link. 

We are inviting People of any Faith to join us at a protest for the abrogation of this act in Pakistan and for peace and justice to be restored in countries across the globe. We believe that religious persecution and religious intolerance decimates society and should be eradicated by the impetus set by western countries, using their influence, to promote human rights globally. 

Details of the protest are as follows: Wednesday 19th August from 12:00 – 14:00 to be held to the fore of 10 Downing Street. (nearest Tube Westminster). 

 We will have a petition that will be completed on the day, which will be submitted to the Prime Minister. A copy can be signed at my offices. The image at the top and the video below are from the recent protest at the Pakistani Embassy, Knightsbridge:

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