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Friday, 2 July 2010

Bomb blast at Data Darbar

The man inset is mourning the loss of family members.

Another bomb blast in Pakistan has shaken the country.  The famous Dat Darbar shrine to a sufi saint in Lahore suffered the impact of an explosive device. Thus far no group has claimed responsibility.  Various factions are blaming the Illegal Afghan war for the increased social polarisation in Pakistan.  Expert opinion is divided on whether this was a retaliatory attack from the Ahmadi community who were recently attacked or from extremist Shia Muslims.  42 people were killed and over 180 people were injured at this poular tourist location.   More details can be read (here)

It is imperative that the Pakistani Government gets more of a handle on resolving the internal conflict within the country.  I urge Muslim, brothers to join us on our Peace Rally on the 31st July 2010.  All people of moderate faith should be united in campaigning for peace.

The BPCA will pray for peace in Pakistan - we condemn the attack.

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