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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Christians attacked in Faisalabad!

Here is a message I received from Shabaz Anwer a former employee of mine and a very good friend.  He has advised me of an attack to Christians in Faisalabad Pakistan.  A church was stoned by a Muslim mob and local Christians were threatened.
"Dear Wilson,

Greetings from Pakistan!

First of all please accept my heartily congratulation on raising the voices of voiceless Pakistani Christian in London UK through the platform of British Pakistani Christian Association. I reading BPCA blog for long and I am happy for the work you are doing for the uplift of Pakistani Christian.

I have sent you message on the blog few days before and asked you if you need my help in any way to raise the voice of BPCA in Pakistan. But i have not received any reply. Any way here i am again offering my services for you and BPCA.

Just For your information:

One More Christian Area Waris Pura Faisalabad in under attacked by the Muslims Extremists . Pray for the Christians of Warispura Faisalabad.

The Christian Colony in Faisalabad Punjab was under attacked by the Radical Muslims , few days back the Case of Blasphemy was registered against the two young boy Mr. Irshad ,and Mr. Sajjad (Section 295-B,C ) and today like Gojra many of the Muslims Extremists gathered to attacked the Christian Colony in Faisalabad Punjab .
Kindly pray for the Christians of Faisalabad.

I am also praying for you procession on 31st July.

May God bless you.

Yours in Christ,

Shahbaz Anwar"

I include a blogger link to the full story:

1 comment:

  1. greetings to all,
    this law 295 is for sicological prashar on all minorities keep in threat christians ,,every body know it.
    but no body can hide the truth ,
    so the policies of forens for christians should change . and victoms,should move to the other country quickly . .. its my request from all ,,speacialy from wilson ..many of this kind of incidents are hidden ,,no body can speak because of fear,,many like shazia bashir are ...but they can not speak ,,,so please ..............
    shahid samuel,,,pakistan ,,Jhelum