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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Update from Khalid Gill from Christian Liberation Front Pakistan

Here is an update on the situation in Waris Pura from Khalid Gill leader of the Christian Liberation Front Pakistan.  I have ammended the Language where essential for understanding (I cannot translate all acronyms):

"Dearest in Christ,

The Warispura, Barkatpura, Jhandapir,Bilal Town, Ibne-e-Marriam Daud Colony and Daud Nagar are adjacent with each other. They are a well populated Christan areas of  the District of Faisalabad (Formerly Lyallpur).

A blasphemy case was registered on the Ist July, 2010 under section 295/C against Mr.Rashid Emanuel 32years and Sajid Emmanuel 30 yrs both residents of Street No.5 Daud Nagar, Faisalabad Pakistan and arrested by police in the hawalat of Civil Lines Police Station Faisalabad.  This area or district is very popular in Christian politics due to the greatest sacrifice of Shaheed-e-Azam, Bishop John Joseph Shaheed. Which started the Human Rights struggle  of the Christian Liberation Front Pakistan (CLFP), from 1988 till today.

This area is also honored by respectable representation from 1985 till today such as Mr. Peter John Sahotra Ex-MOS, Mr. Mushtaq Victor Ex-Minister of State/Parliamentary Secretary Minorities Affair's,Govt.of Pakistan Mr.George Clement, Ex-MNA/Parliamentary Secretary,Mr. Simon Jacob Gill Ex-MNA, Now Federal Minister Mr.Shahbaz Bhatti,Mr. Jhonson Micheal Ex-MPA/Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab /Chairman Bishop Jhon Joseph Shahed Trust,Pakistan Mr. Petric Jacob Gill Ex-MPA/Parliamentary Secy. Sardar Khalil Tahir Sindhu MPA/Parliamentary Secy. Mr. Joel Amir Sahotra MPA and Mr. Pervez Rafiq MPA also 4 Members District Councils and Local Councillors along-with Religious& Human Right Leaders. Khalid Gill is himself a well known Human Rights Activist who is working with many of these key figures.

The case registered on 01-07-2010 was a complaint by Muhammad Khuram Shezad marchant of Rail Bazar, Faisalabad. It was claimed his servant told him that above said both accused are distributing pamphlets in open bazar upon desecrating PBUH and their nos are under the writing of the paper. He desribes how when listening to the story he cried and started weeping.

For this bad act. He gone PS and told all as said above and charged against them(2 Christian young men) even though so he doesn't know them.Alas! police registered the case under section 295-c and caught them on 4-7-10 from the open bazar near district courts of Faisalabad Punjab Province, Pakistan.

Last night a mob of fanatic people gathered and started a protest.  They rushed toward the hugely populated area of Waris Pura, where Christians sed are living. They burnt tyres and chanted slogan against us.

Today, Tehreek-e- Khatame-e- Khatam -Nabuwat Organization Tehreke Na-moose Rasalat and other fanatic muslims announced in their mosques that they wanted to hold another protest.  They harrased local  people, however, by the grace of God now they have been disbursed and gone to their back.

11th July 2010: Sardar Khalil Tahir Sindhu MPA/Parliamentary Secretary Punjab, Mr.Atif Jamil Paigan, Elders and Mr.Stephen Habib&.Mr. Shoukat Khokhar, Ch.Yousaf, Mr.Akma Bhattil Youth Leader, Mr.Shoukat Lazar, Babu William Roze, Rai Naveed Zaffar, Baji Tahira and many other workers of APMA were present with their people at this crucial time to save them and control the mob with love, peace and unity.

May God save his people with his safe hands.

We have demanded the release of these innocent youths and discharge their false case.We have appealed to the Government to repeal the Blasphemy and discriminatary laws.

Please pray for peace and stand for demand of repealment of Blasphemy Laws in the struggle with CLF Pakistan.

God bless u more.

Khalid Gill
Chairman CLF Pakistan
Chief Organizer Christian Liberation Front (CLFP) .
Chief Organizer All Pakistan Minorities Alliance(APMA)


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  2. Greetings my brothers and sisters from the Christian Liberation Front USA, Overseer Rev. Christopher J. Henry.

    We stand in complete solidarity in your struggle for God given rights and privileges!

    JESUS! keep these your people. Ministering angels of God.... GO! and maintain a supernatural hedge of protection around them!

    Let JESUS be glorified, people saved from hell and ALL oppression schemed by that "wicked one"!

    Amen, so be this....NOW!

    Rev. Christopher J. Henry
    Overseer of the Christian Liberation Front USA

  3. Greetings from the Christian Liberation Front USA, we stand in complete solidarity in your struggle for freedom from ALL oppression.

    Rev. Christopher J. Henry
    Overseer of the Christian Liberation Front USA