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Monday, 26 July 2010

Nurse Magdalene case in turmoil - Shazia Bashir case justice all over again!

In the image above the text provided by Sunny Gill updates us on the progress with Nurse Magdalene's rape case.  In her witness testimony to the Court Nurse Magdalene has purported that more than one assailant was involved in her rape and that she was thrown out of a window and did not jump.  To date only one Doctor  Jabbar has been brought to court for impending prosecution.  

The story provided by Sunny Gill alludes to the prosecution lawyer who was meant to represent Nurse Magdalene, denying that her case deserves merit.  From the story provided it would seen that the judicial magistrate has demanded and filed that the Police must present a fine to Doctor Jabbar.  The police however are not extended the remand for Doctor Jabbar. 

Again I see before me the same machinations that arose around the Shazia Bashir case.  The propensity for cases of rape against Christian girls in Pakistan failing is alarming.  Nurse Magdalene who has survived being thrown out of a 4th floor window of a hospital she was working in, after a case of extreme gang rape - will not see justice done - I believe! 

Where are the Christian support agencies and legal agencies that are meant to be safeguarding our people.  Why are they so quiet? 

 I am increasingly disturbed by the manner in which these cases fail and pray that somehow this current situation is brought to a more appropriate conclusion.

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  1. I pray the same. That this case about nurse Magdalene stays in the forefront and is not overlooked. How cowardly that a lawyer would back down from this case. This is a nurse who wants to help others and was brutally raped. I pray enough attention goes on in this case where the government cannot ignore it.