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Monday, 26 July 2010

What lies beneath.....?

We cannot sweep this concern under rug - However, let us investigate before drawing conclusions!

I have received a very disturbing email that describes a despicable attempt at forced conversion.  I have asked the sender to provide more information and to evidence what has happened.  I have also forwarded the message to groups such as CLAAS, Release and Christian Solidarity Worldwide. The email is unedited and I send the news prima facie:

"Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus

“Who said that for the name of me you will suffer”

So its happening ,I have a very sad story of a Christian family ,yesterday the women came from my grand parents village Thacker Kay in Daska Tehsel ,district Sialkot…..,

She talked about the people of my village and told me about one of my relative, he is suffering in these days; He has wife and kids …..He passed metric and was a herbal medicine doctor ,,,he was working in his own shop and the Muslim fellow gave him a gift of small rug ….it was the Rug for hanging on wall …on it was written the name of Muslims prophet ….he spread it down………one peasant came he saw that he spread it down our holy Rug ,,he told people in mosque …the Muslims of whole village came …and beaten him .and said ,,,accept Islam otherwise we will kill you ….they had guns in their hands …… relative accepted Islam ……they put him in house like slave alone ,,,they married his wife with the Muslim man ,,,one of his young daughter is also married by stress with the Muslim ….now no body is allowed to meet with them ……

We need of prayer for this family ………they are living like slave ……if one is killed by the Muslim …..It would be over, but it’s like slow poisoning death ……and like spiritual death.

Next month I will go their village and try to bring their snaps ….

It’s the hidden incident because it’s a back ward village no media excess.

Yours in Christ

Shahid Samuel

I cannot confirm the veracity of the email but am aware of the occurrence of incidents such as these.  I ask readers to advise me of any corroborating evidence of this activity.  I ask our global brethren to pray for succour and peace for all persecuted minorities globally.

1 comment:

  1. A very sad and troubling situation.

    We must pray for GOD'S intervention.