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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Forward planning and better direction!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

I have been discussing the problem of communication within our community.  One of the major issues that we are faced with is the lack of a central database of information on our respective churches or groups.  I invite churches and groups to come forward and provided their contact details including:
  • Name of Pastor or Chairman
  • Name of Organisation
  • Full Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Fax
All those that participate will have a link to their website on our blog and we will over the year publish a short piece on the progress that each Church/Group is making.   

We already have a list of 7 UK Urdu speaking churches and hope that other leaders or members of their congregations will inform us of their details.    Any details provided by congregations will result in a follow up call to the church leader to ensure they are willing to participate.  Moreover, each church leader will also be sent a copy of the complete address book. 

I believe such a list will make our campaign a more effective one and our cause an attainable one.

*****A young Pakistani student newly into the country is asking for an Asian Christian Church in Liverpool - does one exist. Please let me know as she would like to mix with her own people.******


  1. Wilson !!

    That had been the greatest weakness of Pakistani Church.Every one go their own way.
    Keep going .My prayerful support is always with you.

    Ifrahim Mathew

    Potohar Evangelistic Outreach Fellowship

  2. only praying is a good thing but like jesus suffering is difficult ,,,we should not sit at home for prayer ,,brother's we should come out and creat the unity for this purpose and then need to prayer after work......we will see the fruit....that this evil law will finish....
    i love you wilson you are working ,,,,,and we will all work with you and pray ......please keep it up.....we are with you...
    shahid samuel,,Jhelum,,pakistan