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Friday, 30 July 2010

Stop saying nothing is being achieved by our protest!

Many of you will already be aware that during his trip to India, David Cameron our Conservative Primeminister, condemned the "Export of terror" undertaken by Pakistan.  The Telegraph have written a very intuitive report about the concern that most Pakistani's have known for a long time.

The weak Pakistan Government which is based on a very flimsy democracy, has resulted in a country, that purports support for the Western war against terror while the nation tacitly colludes with the Taliban - allowing .  Moreover, alleged Government insouciance, purposeful ignorance and private agreements have allowed fanatical elements to breed the next generation of terrorists throughout Pakistan.  

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If we keep being vocal and our much stronger leadership spearheaded by David Cameron take note and engage with the Pakistani Government to resolve the Human Rights and International Terrorism issues, anything can be achieved.  Besides, Pakistan is reliant on US and British grants and this empowers our governments to coerce change, whereas the voiceless communities in Pakistan have no other hope of being heard. 

David Cameron has been brave enough to speak out and is the first British Leader to do so - let us now do our part.

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  1. we Pakistanis never new that we r allies of USA and his Allies and chose fighting talibans to get such stupid comment of British PM.