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Friday, 23 July 2010

Shabaz Bhatti Threatened for Speaking out against the Blasphemy Law!

The All Pakistan Minorities Alliance have sent me the following email:

"Islamic radical parties issued warnings through media statements to the Federal Minister for Minorities Mr Shahbaz Bhatti on his statement, regarding misuse of Blasphemy Laws after the killing of two Christian brothers accused of Blasphemy in Faisalabad

Majil-e- Tahfuz- Hatim-Nabuwat is demanding sacking of Federal minority minister Shahbaz Bhatti after his critical comments against blasphemy law. He made this comment after killing of two Christian brothers Faisalabad .

Previously, Shahbaz bhatti received threat for pursuing justice for Gojra victims. He should be appreciated for his stance against misuse of blasphemy laws and security of religious minority in Pakistan."

Source: Jasarat

My research on the internet has elucidated that Shabhaz Bhatti is the Chairman of this "All Pakistan Minorities Alliance" and so I cannot verify any truth in the statement.  The email was sent out as a circular and I hope others can provide me with their opinions on this matter. 

Contemporaneously with this email, I have just been filmed on a live interview with Romail Gulzar on this Channel Pukaar News.  Shabhaz Bhatti failed to be available for a previously agreed Radio interview yesterday.  Moreover, statements form him to be similar in style - rather whimsical and insouciant condemnations.  We need to see more actions and if he is receiving threats we should pray for the Lord's protection over our Federal Minister for Minorities.  If however, this is just another publicity stunt he will deserve any public condemnation from our community.


  1. He has given his life for this cause and is prepared to die for it!

    Servant in Pakistan

  2. Gustakh-e-Rasool ki Hamayat men bolna bhi Ghustakhi se kam nahen! Ab daikh lo sab us ka haal

  3. & he died today. Sorry... shame to say we need to call these people as humans.