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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Warning of fraudsters that are robbing Christians in Pakistan!

I have received the following message from a Brother Amir Malik In Pakistan.  He is appealing for help after a fraudster has taken £1000's from Christians In Pakistan - promising them a visa and new life in England in return.  I am writing this in hope that someone can provide some evidence that we can take to Interpol, as incidents such as these are too frequent and familiar for us to keep silent!

Here is the email:

"Dear Sir

We need your personal attention on an issue:

My name is Amir from Karachi, Pakistan,

I known a person his name is Albert Peter Gabriel, we had a spiritual relation with him and his team, beside he shows that he is working as a consultant here in Pakistan.

In February he came to us with an affiliation certificate with UK that there is some jobs lying in care base project in UK and i am the one who can recruit for them so we came in his sweet deceives and paid a 175,000 PKR after two or three months he ran away from Pakistan and now we don't know where he is.

It was my story but now i came to know that he took 20 million PKR from different christian families from Karachi and now every one is looking to him could you please help us in this regards

Best regards


Whatever our community does about this it is evident that we need people to educate the impoverished communities in Pakistan to prevent similar situations arising - both Christisn and not.  The fact that such activity is so rife in pakistan is a reason for us to make this a major priority for our community and I encourage brothers and sisters toshare ideas on how we can tackle this issue.


  1. A picture of this guy would be needed, as this will help Pakistani Christian community to be able to identify such wolf in sheep clothes amongst the.

  2. We have his NIC card can it will be help full?