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Monday, 19 July 2010

Update on Nurse Magdalene!

Nurses protest against the abject cruelty faced by Nurse Magdalene.

Despite various rumours Nurse Magdalene is still fighting for her life.  There are concerns for her safety and these have been echoed in a recent news article with the sister of the victim of rape.  Read more here:

The situation in Pakistan is one of intense pressure and polarisation Christians in Pakistan quite rightly want appropriate legal justice and many want the death sentence to be enacted on the felon - the prescribed action within the Pakistani Penal code. 

Christian agencies are gearing up to tackle the legal battle - please keep the situation in your prayers.


  1. Former Brigadier Samson Sharaf19 July 2010 at 13:06

    1. The Provincial government must ensure security to the family of Magdalene, which is being brought under pressure by the hospital administration and hidden hands.
    2. She should be shifted from JPMC to Agha Khan Hospital because JPMC Administration is a party to the incident and may have vested interests to protect its non compliance in maintaining exclusive female hostels.
    3. If this is not done, PTI is ready to shift her to SKMTH Lahore for further treatment free of cost.
    4. PTI is ready to provide a legal panel of lawyers to fight the case in Courts free of cost.
    5. Magdalene is an equal citizen of Pakistan.

  2. Christians should not clamor for death sentence. The worst that can happen when being surrounded by brutal monsters is to become one oneself. The criminal should be sentenced to prison for life. The problem with death sentence is that it needs a hangman, and his soul will be destroyed by the killings he executes. So we have no right to ask for death sentence as Christians. No matter how abominable the crime. But this criminal who attacked Magdalene should never be allowed to walk free again, and endanger the lives of innocents.
    I pray that Magdelene may be healed on body and soul!