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Thursday, 20 September 2012

10 year old kidnapped on way to school

A 10 year old Christian girl named Aney Tariq was kidnapped on 4th September while on the way to school in Gujranwala in North East Pakistan.  The same day her kidnapper, Haider Butt claimed that of her own will she had converted to Islam and married him.  The police are doing nothing about it.

Wilson Chowdhry of the BPCA said :

"Once again we have an implausible claim that a 10 year old girl freely agrees to convert and marry an assailant, in an obvious cover up of the serious crime of kidnapping and presumed rape.  It always seems to be the young and vulnerable who suddenly 'of their own free will' convert to Islam and marry their kidnappers / rapists?  Moreover these pernicious rapists try and cover their crime with a cloak of piety."  

Pakistani law states 18 is the legal age for marriage, while many Islamic laws state the age is 16.  However many extreme sects of Islam claim that a girl can be married when she first menstruates.  According to her family, even under this paedophile's charter, the marriage was illegitimate as Aney had not started her periods.

The rate of kidnap and rape of Christian girls and women in Pakistan -  and this does not include victims of other minorities - is thought to be at least 2 a day, and most of these cases involve claims that the victims freely converted to Islam and then married (one of) their rapists.


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  1. Its so bad when I read this news on FB and this incident was happened in Gujranwala, Pakistan. I'm unable to understand, why we are treated this way? It only happens in Pakistan, if you go to any other Muslim country they don't persecute you for your beliefs and faith. Its so sad and i dont know what to do in such a situation. In last 3 months Christian Persecution is vigorous, in Ramadan Christian Nurses were poisoned, then Killings in Karachi, Rimsha Case etc... This terror and threat is everywhere in Pakistan especially among Christian Communities.
    I don't know if Modern world is aware or not but Pakistani Christians had never enjoyed the liberty (Speech, religion etc…) while living in Pakistan and they can only do if they'll go somewhere else and I don’t think so most of them are capable enough to do so, firstly they are very poor, secondly, most of them are uneducated, thirdly, an element of selfishness is always present among us and you can barely find people like Wilson Chowdery who are devotedly working for the welfare of other Christian fellowmen. Lord Bless Christian Community in Pakistan and Long Live Pakistan