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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Girl of 9 years raped by 3 Muslim boys!


Naila D/O Ishaq Maseh a Christian girl resident of  Manhais (Kamunki)  9 years old was raped by 3 boys namely Chand s/o Mukhtar and two others on 5th August 2012. After raping the victim girl the above mentioned vegabounds dropped the girl outside her house and she was bleeding badly. On 6th August, 2012 an application was moved two DSP Kamunki bearing Dairy No. 343/DSP/6.8.12 for taking lawful action against the responsible, but no action against the above captioned boys was taken by the authorties. Walayat Hussain S.H.O (P.S Sadar Kamunki) was approached and was requested for the medical examination of victim girl but the genuine request of the mother of victim girl was turned down. The family of the girl contacted the Vice of Christian International and on the request a delegation was constituted on Governing Members of Vice of Christian International Samuel Payara, Karamat Ilyas Ch. and Advocate Raja Imran Ghulam & Advocate Qaisar John.

The Delegation went to Gujranwala District Court and took orders for Medical examination of the victim girl, orders were issued by Special Judicial Magistrate Shahid Abbas S.J.M in which M.S District Hospital Gujranwala was directed to take the matter and proceed according to law. The M.S sent the delegation along with orders of the court with the direction to approach for concerned S.H.O first who was not willing to comply with the orders. The S.H.O even is forcing the parents of the victim girl to compromise with the culprits. The Father of one of the culprits namely Muhammad Mukhtar extending life threats and dire consequences to the victim family. Voice of Christian International has taken the victim girl and her family in safe custody. Voice of Christian International also called the media at press club and recorded protest against the S.H.O Muhammad Walayat Hussain, PS Sadar Kamunki & DPO Gujranwala. Mr. Samuel Payara & Karamat Ilyas Ch. also meet with Mrs. Bushra Malik President Human Rights (Advisor to Governor Punjab) and brief the case about victim girl Naila. Mr. Samuel Payara & Karamat Ilyas Ch. went to Police Station Sadar Kamunki and talked with SHO. After that SHO filed  FIR #424/12 against the above mentioned vagabonds and arrested them and also sent the victim girl to District Kamunki Hospital for her Medical examination and report proved the incident.

Governing Member Vice of Christian International

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    Don't buy Pakistan Made Products sold in Target, Costco, Walmart: (leather inside wallets) When you buy you support this hatred and Intolerance.
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  2. I agree with you 100%. I was born and brought up in Rawalpindi/Pakistan and I very precisely know the mentality of these pakistanis, particularly Muslim community. Yhey are two face and violant people. Its a matter of shame that the West does allow them to practise their faith indepedently. These Western countries do not realiseand understand that these Muslim states treat non- Muslims as a piece of S * * T. But they want all the time their mosques and Madrasas given to them. They are the most selfish, peasants, Arab oriented Badoos and above all Hypocrete.