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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Update on Heil Hitler issue

In an article yesterday, we posted about a particularly vicious anti-semitic Facebook posting on a Pakistani Muslim page (see above).  Well, the image got removed, so thanks to all who reported it.

Unsurprisingly, a variant has been put straight back up, this time with a whinging side note about Facebook removing it, claiming that they did it because 'it hurts them'.  They also bet that FB never removes anti-Islamic posts.  Actually, we rather think they do.  If it called for murder or hatred against a group it no doubt will be.  This whining view shows the double standards.  Articles critiquing aspects of Islam or the actions of some of it's adherents is very different than celebrating the whole scale slaughter of a race or religion.  However, in the minds of these bigots, Islam deserves special protection, and thus they think that these two kinds of speech are equivalent.

A perusal of the community page shows that anti-semitic postings are not uncommon.  In addition, most of the replies to the new post are also anti-semitic, even when they start out appearing not to be.  For instance, one condemns the poster for praising Hitler, but then, outrageously goes on to claim that Hitler was a puppet for 'Zionists', thus managing to combine condemning Hitler with blaming the Jews for the one who massacred him!  (A tactic not unfamiliar to Christians in Pakistan and similar nations who are often blamed for the attacks perpetrated against them)

In addition, commentors claim that the attacks on embassies on 9-11 2012 was actually a terrorist attack by America on Muslims!

Take action

The supporter who reported this to us said they had used the 'Report this photo' option using the 'Hate speech or symbol' selection.

The BPCA encourages it's readers who are on Facebook to follow their lead.  To find the post with the image on,
1) type 'My Ideology is Islam, My identity is Pakistan' in the search box at the top of your Facebook page
2) Scroll down to find this post.  The owner of this page posts a huge amount so you will have to scroll down a long way to find it.  It was posted (in Grenwich Mean Time) at about noon on Thursday 20th September
3) Look for the 'Report this photo' option.  In some cases you may have to click the image so it pops up as an image on a black background - in which case, click on 'Options' at the bottom of the photo.  In other cases it will be below and to the right of the photo.
4) Select the second option from the bottom and hit select.
5)  Encourage your friends to do the same

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