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Thursday 13 September 2012

Christians shot dead, chocolate teapot police

Map of Karachi showing Essa Nagri

We have received news from Karachi that yesterday yet another Christians was shot dead in Essa Nagri.  MASS have told us that at 4:20am on 12th September, Muslim terrorists again entered the Christian slum community of Essa Nagri and opened fire, killing Yousaf Masih, son of Inyat Masih.    The inhabitants are depressed and disturbed as the police, law enforcement agencies do nothing to stop these repeated and continuous attacks on the colony.  They are calling for prayer for the tormented Christians of the region.  We reported on recent events where police tear-gassed and shot Christians resulting in one death and several injuries.  

Sources  1, and MASS reports by Facebook

In addition, several weeks ago a Muslim gang in Faisalabad attacked and shot Yaqoob Masih, a Christian.  He has now died of his injuries in hospital.  His family are protesting because, once again, the police have taken no action against the Muslim gang.  

Source 2

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