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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dr Nasir Bhatti openly tells it as it is!

I saw this letter floating on the internet written by Dr Nasir Bhatti form the US, Editor of Christian post.  Like me he too has recognized how senior Religious leaders seem to be backing Rimsha's release more than the corrupt politicians that are there to preserve democracy.  Moreover he seems as stunned as I over the position Paul Bhatti has been elevated to - without election?  This type of nepotism has made our country ransom to the machinations of political fools with only self interest at heart.  Please read on below:

Thousands of miles away from Pakistan, I watched on electronic media that one leading Muslim cleric is pressing to ensure justice for a minor disabled Christian girl Rimsha Masih who was arrested under blasphemy on August 17, 2012, in capital city Islamabad; It looked amazing and very different to me as Islamic leaders of Pakistan had never dared to comment on blasphemy law to listen Allama Ashrafi. There was another voice and that was of Altaf Hussain, Chief of MQM, who demanded justice for Rimsha Masih, unless there was complete silence: JIP Amir Syed Munawar Hassan was silent; JUI (F) Amir Moulana Fazal-ur-Rehman was silent, JUI (S) Moulana Samee-ul-Haq was silent, PPP Co-Chairperson Balawal Bhutto Zardari was silent, PML (N) President Nawaz Sharif was silent, PML (Q) President Choudhry Shujahat Hussain was silent, PTI Chairman Imran Khan was silent, ANP President Asfandyar Khan was silent and moreover Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court Choudhry Iftikhar Mohammad was also silent; It seemed as Muslim political and religious leaders are afraid to speak for a minor Christian girl in Pakistan. In such a complete silence in Pakistan, Mr. Altaf Hussain and Allama Tahir Ashrafi, please accept my homage and gratitude’s on speaking for welfare and safety of Christian daughter Rimsha Masih.

Why I am writing this letter?

I am concerned about safety and security of Allama Tahir Ashrafi and Altaf Hussain, because we have lost already one great friend and our sympathizer Salman Taseer who was gunned down only that he visited Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five in Sheikhupura jail who was sentenced to death on accusations of blasphemy. I remember you both in my daily prayers that Lord may bless and keep you safe with us for raising voice for us.

I must submit for record that Christian life and property is being targeted in Pakistan on pretext to blasphemy laws. Our Churches have been desecrated and set on fire, our worshipers have been sprayed bullets and pastors gunned down, our women have been enforcedly converted to Islam and our children, women, elders have been burnt alive by Muslim but justice is never ensure and culprits walk free from courts.

Allama Tahir Ashrafi and September 3, 2012, Talk Show Awaz on Duniya TV:

Janab Allama Tahir Sahib, please, accept apology from millions of Pakistani Christians on attitude of Paul Bhatti, Minister for National Harmony, government of Pakistan, with your honor; Janab, forget about Paul Bhatti as he is selected by government like his brother late Shahbaz Bhatti while Christians never voted for them. Late Shahbaz Bhatti, former federal minister for minorities’ affair, never talked about amendment or repeal in blasphemy laws in Pakistan but only delivered lectures against blasphemy law in his tours to EU and USA to champion for Christian rights. We strongly condemn behavior of Paul Bhatti which not reflected of a politician nor a Christian.
I congratulate and thank every Allam of Pakistan Ullma Council PCU and every activist of Muthidda Quomi Movement MQM for support of oppressed and persecuted Christian nation in Pakistan.


We hope that you will keep supporting Pakistani Christians for their right to election instead of selection on reserved seats in parliament proportional to their population that their elected representation may play positive role in prosperity and solidarity of Pakistan.


Nazir S Bhatti

President, Pakistan Christian Congress


  1. Dear brothers & sisters-in-Christ:

    Last week I circulated about Conference of Geneva Convention & Rimshah Masih
    which is the burning topic of the day for the whole world.
    It is a good news for our suffering community that Allama Tahir Ashrafi ,Chairman
    Ullma Council of Pakistan condemned Imam of the mosque Khalid Jadoon who is
    the main accused for tearing pages of noorari versus and threw in garbage which
    down syndrome 11 yrs old Rimshah started burning. The same Imam instigated a
    mob and they ran to burn the village like Gojra. Three hundred & fifty Poor Christian
    families ran away to save their lives and they are wandering on the roads of Islamabad.

    2) When Dr. Paul Bhatti will use Shahbaz Bhatti Memorial Trust Funds? Trust funds
    are not for family & friends but to help to the needy community like those helpless families
    wondering around Islamabad roads scared to unwanted death but still they are embracing
    Jesus call themselves Christians ,these are indeed needy people ,they are deserving Shahbaz
    Bhatti Memorial Trust Funds.

    3) We all should be thankful to allama Tahir Ashrafi ,Chairman Ullma Council of Pakistan and
    two witnesses who were guided by the HOLY SPIRIT to tell the truth and these three men
    changed the history of Blasphemy law in Pakistan and now all minorities can breath easily
    because we can see the light other side of the tunnel for justice, countless people are suffering
    on false accusations of blasphemy laws and locked up in jails.It is our prayer, GOD can use more & more muslims to tellm the truth about false accusation of blasphemy laws .

  2. Dear All,

    It’s such a great pleasure to see Allama Ashrafi on TV and I still remember how he openly condemned that false accusation of Rimsha Masih's Case. I also pray that God Almighty will bless them and protect them in any situation. As Pakistani Muslims always say that all citizens of Pakistan are not terrorists then I would like to tell them that "All Pakistani Christians are not against Islam. We want our religious freedom as you have yours, to some extent it’s there however religious leaders like "Khalid Jadoon" who plotted this case against Rimsha should loosen themselves a bit to give some room to minorities.

    Blessed be the name of the most high God, blessed be His Son, Jesus.