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Monday, 17 September 2012


Although Rimsha has been granted bail until the days of her trial, for allegedly offending against Pakistan's blaspemy laws, the outcome of the Court hearing is far from certain. Like Asia Bibi, she could be condemned to death by hanging even though it has been established, since her arrest on August 18, that the local iman deliberately planted burnt fragments of the Quran in her rubbish sack to frame her and to visit violence and destruction on the local Christian community. To continue the media profile of Rimsha's plight ooberfuse, in association with Leather Lane Films, is planning the production of a video to accompany their song Turn the Tide appealing for justice and clemency throughout the legal process. A fundraising appeal to raise the £1,500 needed to produce the film has been launched.

Wilson Chowdhry, president of the British Pakistani Christian Association, says 'it is really important to keep Rimsha in the public eye and not to assume that, just because she has been granted bail, albeit at extortionate rates, that she has been acquitted of the charges cynically brought against her. To date £250 has been pledged from concerned organisations for the making of this film which will ensure Rimsha's case is not forgotten until the time of her trial.'

Cherrie, ooberfuse front-woman, says: ‘until Rimsha is fully exonerated, an outcome we all hope for but can in no way guarantee, we must make all efforts to highlight her case and the appalling injustice Rimsha, a vulnerable child with learning difficulties and possible Down's syndrome, has been ruthlessly subjected to.'

Hal, from ooberfuse, says : 'the motives of the Muslim majority in Rimsha's village on the outskirts of Islamabad, have been exposed through the dark actions of the Iman. What kind of twisted psychology leads a religious leader, a grown adult man, to plant burnt fragments of religious texts in the rubbish of a disabled Christian child?'

Nico, guitarist for ooberfuse says: 'This is nothing other than ethnic cleansing and land grabbing : by framing a child in this sinister way the 'holy' iman exploits his religious position and authority inciting such hatred in the crowd they drive Christian's out of the community and steal their land.'

Richard, from Leather Lane Productions, says : 'Rimsha must be severly traumatised by the ordeal. She may be free for now but she survives, with her family and other Christians, in hiding and in fear of her life. Pakistan's blasphemy laws, which sanction this kind of behaviour, must be returned to their original spirit in which all faiths were supported and encouraged.' 

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ooberfuse ( is an experimental music project led by Cherrie and Hal. They share a common vision to infuse the increasingly moribund traditions of western pop with fresh eastern vigour. By refusing the standard conventions that determine the contemporary pop scene they invite their audience to rediscover ooberfuse-iasm not just for contemporary pop but for life itself! In addition to performing in front of 2million young pilgrims in the Madrid World Youth Day in 2011 they also sang the Youth Anthem for Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK IN 2010. The band’s forthcoming second album Seventh Wave is launched on 28th September 2012 at AAA @ Archangel,11-13 Kensington High Street London W8 5NP.

Leather Lane Films ( is a company  committed to creating high quality, exciting and entertaining films - shorts and features. They are a newly established company with a fresh view in putting together collaborative and creative talents from conception to screen. Leather Lane films is headed by Producer and Director Richard Reyes.

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