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Sunday 2 September 2012

Pakistani Christians protest for Rimsha Masih in Manchester!

Ooberfuse performed their songs dedicated to Asia Bibi, Rimsha Masih and Shahbaz Bhatti.

Pakistani Christians form across the north united to voice their concerns over the arrest of Rimsha.

Wilson Chowdhry spoke of the families that have had to flee their homes and now live in makeshift homes built by cutting down trees.

David Dean leader of Christians form Nelson opened the protest.

Christians arrived from Bradford, Birmingham, Manchester, Nelson, London and Leicester.

A large number of new members joined the BPCA.

Young and old spoke out against this latest controversy surrounding Pakistan's draconian Blasphemy laws.

Banners highlighted the suffering of minorities in Pakistan

Rubina Greenwood a Hindu from the World Sindhi Congress spoke of the need for change in Pakistan.

Nelson Christians helped organise this event BPCA Member Vinny Masih in shot with camera phone.

Pakistan flags were lifted to show our love for the country.

Pastor Gilbert David provided a rousing speech.

Many joined our protest calling for an end to the injustice imposed on Rimsha.

Over 200 Protesters were counted throughout the day.

Two officers from the Manchester Consulate stayed to receive our petition.

Children drew pictures and wrote letters to the Consular in Manchester.

Protestors called for release of Rimsha.

In unity people of all faiths called for an end to the Blasphemy Law of Pakistan.

Pakistan's flag was held up high with the white band a reminder of the founders original vision.

On Saturday 1st September Pakistani Christians form across the North of England converged at the Pakistani Consulate in Manchester.  The purpose of this gathering was to call for Freedom for Rimsha Masih the 11 year old Down Syndrome sufferer accused of desecrating the Koran.

Ministers from Manchester, and Nelson challenged their congregations to attend and voice their concerns at the latest controversy surrounding Pakistan's blasphemy laws.  Over 200 participants including several from wider faiths including Muslim's and Hindus raised their voices to challenge the injustice of the arrest of this innocent child.

Whilst the protest was underway news that Rimsha's Court hearing had been adjourned due to important consents for the defence advocates being unsigned enraged protesters.  Vinny Masih from Nelson Christian Fellowship said;

"The  inflexibility of the judge involved in Rimsha's case has meant her nightmare will continue."

A petition was submitted to the Consular with over 200 signatures form local protesters, that will add to the 5000 signatures on the BPCA electronic petition submitted to the High Commission of Pakistan during our London Protest on Wednesday 27th August.  The Consular officials refused to respond to questions regarding the captivity of Rimsha, simply stating that the petition would be delivered to the High Commissioner of Pakistan for further action.  Pakistani Christian children drew pictures of Rimsha and wrote letters calling for her release that were also submitted.

Wilson Chowdhry from the British Pakistani Christian Association said;

"This was the last of our current series of protests and the largest.  Our electronic petition has received over 5000 signatures and the song for Rimsha produced by Ooberfuse to support these protest has attained over 100,000 hits.  People of all faiths in the UK are appalled by the treatment of this child and to see many Muslims out supporting our protest and joining our petition has been encouraging.  Similar unity amongst faiths is required in Pakistan and we hope Muslim brothers in Pakistan will join the clamour for justice."

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  1. Selvam, Sivagangai29 March 2014 at 10:29

    God have mercy on them who persecute us.