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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Our second food distribution to Rimsha's Townsfolk fed a new set of 20 families - the need is still great!

Shamim bought cookies for the children that filled them with great excitement!

Shamim tells us he felt like Santa Claus and the children were both polite and patient awaiting their turn for the food gifts.

Fathers and mothers were grateful for the food that meant they did not have to fear starvation for another week.

20 further families were fed after donations increased during this week.

The BPCA is the only group thus far to have served the particular families we have reached.  Many of them had become very despondent.

Mothers concerned about feeding their children spoke of their joy at receiving food parcels.

Shamim had to travel late at night to an extremely dangerous zone where these families are being intimidated.

Shamim was sent funds across on Friday and was able to coordinate the delivery by Saturday.  His efforts were much appreciated by the suffering families

Food deliveries were made till late at night.  Some young men kept watch to ensure all were safe from harm.

The families queued for the food desperate to ensure that they received there bundles.

Cookies were a special treat to children who rarely have opportunity to eat them.

Thank you for your recent donations so far we have received an initial £170 and then a further £200 that has contributed towards food for 38 families, all of whom have returned to Mehrabadi G12, Islamabad - the town of Rimsha Masih.  These families are still suffering from intimidation, despite the recent reports that Police confirm they believe Rimsha is innocent.  

On meeting with the families Shamim tells us of the despondency these families feel. The community in which they once enjoyed peace and tranquillity has become a place of nightmares.  Adults have lost their employment partly due to discrimination, others for simply not having turned up for work during their exodus from their homes.

Shamim Masih said;

"Whilst visiting the families I noticed the children seemed subdued and cautious.  They spoke of the bullying they have been receiving from adults and children alike.  They felt like outcasts"

He added;

"I bought the children some cookies it created such joy and I was blessed with numerous hugs.  It made me cry a little and I have promised to go back to the first 18 families, so I can give the children there some cookies too.  It is a shame that children have to suffer such intolerance, what have they done wrong?"

The families have enough provision for a few weeks, however they need much more support.  They feel let down by a government that has completely forgotten them.  Two protests have yielded no assistance and despondency is increasing.  They all express great joy in the news that Police have found Rimsha innocence and await an acquittal at her next hearing.  However, they fear their community will receive the brunt of reprisals if she is exonerated.  Nevertheless they are confident she will be released and are thankful that God has taken care of poor Rimsha.

Simon Naveed a local man said;  

"Rimsha is our daughter we have been so concerned for her.  We do not blame her for our situation or treatment, she is an innocent child caught up in the evil of other men"

Sohail Masih said;

"Thank you BPCA for your gifts, it is so encouraging to know that people in the UK care about us."

The BPCA would appreciate any further donations these families are in need of a lot more support.  If you believe someone you know would be willing to contribute please send this request to them.  

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  1. Thank you very much BPCA for such a great job. I wish to be a part of any type of humanitarian work to help people.