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Friday, 14 September 2012

Pakistan presses the self destruct button - It's Christians that will suffer say BPCA!

As the world's attention is fixed firmly on the test case of Imam Chisti, accused of tampering with evidence to implicate a young Christian girl, under false blasphemy charges; the BPCA learn's that Younis Masih in custody for a Blasphemy case as far back as 2005, is to have his appeal hearing next week.  Moreover, Asia Bibi the emblem for the Pakistani freedom and justice campaign - labeled the Rosa Parks of the Islamic World - is now to have an appeal hearing for her existing death sentence next month.

It strikes the BPCA as rather bizarre, if not contrived, that all these high profile blasphemy cases, not to discount the ongoing trial of Rimsha Masih herself; are all occurring within weeks of each other.

Asia Bibi has waited 3 years for her appeal, Younis Masih has waited 7 years, is it feasible that these appeals have coincided, without some engineering?  It would seem to the BPCA that the extremist agenda has permeated throughout Pakistan's authorities and that there is a strong intent to cause polarization amongst Pakistan's already frail society.

These four high profile blasphemy cases are bound to stir up hatred towards the Christian communities of Pakistan and we hope that adequate protection will be provided to our frightened people.

Please pray for Pakistan a country that is contributing to it's own demise and one that has failed to protect the minorities living within it's boundaries.

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  1. As we can see from what is happening all over the islamic world. This hate is going to continue towards non-muslims. Best option for minorities in pak. is to try to exit the nation or minimize interaction or disassociaton with muslims (hard) but minorities need to be taught strategies on how to avoid traps. (e.g. no children walking alone, no arguments with muslims, protection methods, no open bags.. etc. It's hard but the poor minorities are the ones who get trapped.