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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pakistani Christians protest in Birmingham, after a series of delays have resulted in prolonged incarceration of Rimsha Masih

Imam Chisti arrested for inserting false evidence (torn shreds of Koran) in Rimsha's bag.

Please sign our Rimsha Masih petition here:

Despite global attention on the inhumane treatment of the 11 year old Rimsha Masih a Downs Syndrome sufferer imprisoned for a false blasphemy, she remains incarcerated in a solitary confinement cell.  The Imam who originally instigated the blasphemy charges has since been arrested for falsifying evidence, after his deputy told police that the Imam had added torn shreds of the Koran to the original burnt Arabic texts found on Rimsha.

Rimsha has still not been exonerated and must undergo a full trial, as the Blasphemy laws are cognisable and hence charges are non-retractable and no compromise is offered.  The courts have adjorned her case for papers not being signed and after a recent strike by the Muslim legal fraternity, in what could only be described as disingenuous delay tactics.

Pakistani Christians across the globe have been filled with fear and anxiety over the treatment of this child,  revelations of 9 nurses killed by poisoning,; Christians in Essa Nagri facing a gun siege resulting in one dead one injured and a pastor arrested for not paying Islamic Jizya tax (protection money for minorities under Sharia law), A similar attack on Christians living in Walton, Lahore and of course the ongoing incarceration of Asia Bibi.

To vent our frustrations we invite Christians form across the country to join our final protest (we have held a London, Glasgow and Manchester protest last week) which is to be held in Birmingham, see details below:

Event:          Protest for Rimsha Masih, Asia Bibi, Walton, Lahore Christians, Essa Nagri Christians,                      
                     Karachi nurses and other victims of oppression in Pakistan.
Date:            Saturday 8th September 2012
Time:           12:00 - 15:00
Location:      Consulate of Pakistan, 2/26, Constitution Hill, Birmingham B19 3LY

Please bring banners and poster with you.....

Speakers include:

  • Saleem Dutt -  Shanti Nagar Foundatioan (Survivor of the Shanti Nagar Attack)
  • Ranbir Singh - Hindu Human Rights Group
  • Jas Uppal - Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign
  • Stephen Anjum - Asylum Seeker and former Charity Executive.
  • Oobefuse will sing Rimsha Masih protest song live!


  1. Sarabjit Singh is an indian spy sentenced in Pakistan for spying. What does he have to do with the plight of Pakistani christians???

    Christians in Pakistan are a patriotic people, don't damage their cause by joining forces with anti-Pakistani groups or individuals...

    1. Sarabjit Singh. Let me see now. The man who accused him admitted later to making it up under pressure from police, just like so many Christians convicted falsely in Pakistan. No statements were taken under oath. As Christians we should oppose injustice whoever is the victim, and not hide from facts under a false flag of patriotism.
      Given that we share human rights concerns, and that they were willing to support us, why not have someone from the Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign. As Jesus said, he who is not against us is for us

    2. Well said Nasarani!

      It never ceases to amaze me as to the blind faith of some people in the Pakistani judicial system when it comes to Mr Sarabjit Singh's case. For 'Anonymous' (above) to make such judgemental and sweeping statements assumes he/she is familiar with the facts and the evidence in Mr Sarabjit Singh's case and that he/she has absolute faith in the Pakistani judicial system, the very system that has charged a 11 year old girl with 'blasphemy' and detained her in custody and a system that has sentenced Mrs Asia Bibi to death as well as dispensing injustice in other cases. Further, 'Anonymous's' sweeping conclusion contradicts Christian teachings. Is 'Anonymous' saying Christians should only help or support Christians and Muslims should only help or support Muslims? I know my faith (I follow teachings of the Sikh faith)encourages help and support for all humanity regardless of faith, caste or creed.
      If 'Anonymous'was privy to the facts and the evidence in Mr Sarabjit Singh's case then he/she will understand the injustice and torture this man has and continues to endure. Further, the evidence does not link him to the charges he was convicted of. The court documents refer to him as 'Manjit Singh'. By the way, their are Indian Christians, Indian Muslims, Indian Hindus and Indian Sikhs unlawfully detained in Pakistani prisons. Please appraise yourself with the facts before you make judgements. Once again, well done to Nasarani for taking a stand out and demonstrating your faith.

    GO ON

  3. Dear brother-in-Christ:
    Jazia is a tax for the people those who lost their battle against Muslims but Pakistani Christians are natives of the land and there is no question of Jazia.

  4. Jazia is a tax to the people those who lost their battle against winners but Pakistani Christians are natives and played a vital roll for the formation of Pakistan.