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Thursday 20 September 2012

For hatred of a film .... Heil Hitler?

A Pakistani response to that film
For action to take against this image on FaceBook, see the bottom of the article

Also, there is now an update on the situation here.  

Few readers will be unaware of the worldwide violent Muslim reaction to the film 'Innocence of Muslims'.  In Pakistan, this included the normal paroxysm of wild conspiracy theories, including the claim by a Muslim leader at a protest that the American establishment had backed this tatty little film - a claim about as far from the truth as it possibly could be - and that therefore not only should every single person involved in the production and release of the film be publicly hung, but then went on to demand that the US implement a law against blasphemy or else they would not allow US consulates in Pakistan to function.  (Source)

In Afghanistan, in typical Islamicist style, the terrorists chose to attack South Africans for the US 'crimes' in a suicide bomb attack that killed a dozen aviators.

As the BPCA reported, it didn't matter that Christians went to protests against the film.  Nuns returning from a protest against the film were fired upon, a typical Islamicist tactic whereby Christians in your own part of the world are to be slaughtered for the alleged crimes (even if they turn out to be a false rumour) committed against Muslims in another area.  For instance, the slaughter of Catholic worshippers at a Baghdad cathedral the other year were in 'revenge' for the totally false claim that Orthodox Copts had kidnapped the wife of a priest who had allegedly converted to Islam.

Reports that the producer of the film was allegedly a US Israeli Jew have given another excuse (if any were needed) to unleash good old fashioned vicious anti-semitism, as the picture above shows. (This appears to be false, it seems the claim was a cover for the real producer, a fraudulent and convicted criminal Copt who has lived in the US for a long time - God help the Copts of Egypt in an already terrible situation.  This is the last thing they need.)  The BPCA were alerted to this image by a supporter.  It was posted by the owner of a Facebook page called 'My Ideology is Islam, my Identity is Pakistan'. The page's about section makes it quite clear that the writer has no place for other religions in Pakistan, and that it's only ideology and identity should be Islamic.  The page typically also spouts viciously anti-Indian racist views.

The discussion under the particular image has many Muslims quite rightly protesting about it's use, but many also calling for the killing of Jews and people associated with the film.  (By the way, the producers deceived the actors involved,  with them thinking it was just an Aladdin type film, and no mention was made of Muhammed.  These were dubbed on later, so most of those involved had no idea what the film was going to be about - for more, see here.  But somehow we doubt that those pouring death threats on the actress featured don't really give two hoots about the facts, or justice).

A later post on the page makes this call : 'What ever religion you are , Lets come and Joint hand (sic) together in these Hard Moments With All Muslims'.  Hard times?  What a laugh.  Hard times is the Christians of the Muslim world who are murdered, kidnapped, tortured and raped on a daily basis, including in this posters beloved Pakistan, but funnily enough this hate-monger never mentions the suffering of Christians in Pakistan.

Take action

The supporter who reported this to us said they had used the 'Report this photo' option using the 'Hate speech or symbol' selection.

The BPCA encourages it's readers who are on Facebook to follow their lead.  To find the post with the image on,
1) type 'My Ideology is Islam, My identity is Pakistan' in the search box at the top of your Facebook page
2) Scroll down to find this post.  The owner of this page posts a huge amount so you will have to scroll down a long way to find it.  It was posted (in Grenwich Mean Time) at about 3pm on Wednesday 19th September
3) Look for the 'Report this photo' option.  In some cases you may have to click the image so it pops up as an image on a black background - in which case, click on 'Options' at the bottom of the photo.  In other cases it will be below and to the right of the photo.
4) Select the second option from the bottom and hit select.
5)  Encourage your friends to do the same

Additional information

Jews in Pakistan were driven out in the late 40's and early 50's and later by violent acts of vicious anti-semitism, and anti-Semitism remains a virulently cancerous part of Pakistani society.   (Source)

The only remaining synagogue was destroyed in the 1980's to make way for a shopping centre, on the orders of General Zia-ul Haq, the same one who also introduced the iniquitous blasphemy laws that are being used to commit religious cleansing on Christians, just as was done to the Jews before them.  The General spitefully ordered this sacrilege just because the Pakistani Jews who fled to Israel called for the synagogues preservation, and as the recent Rimsha case has shown, such spite against other religions is still dominant in Pakistani society today.  (Source)

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  1. I don't understand the concept, they persecute us in Pakistan because we are Christians. Is it alright there in Christian countries to persecute their Muslim citizens for their religion too because people in Muslim world are doing the same? I dont think so...
    I don't understand the logic, why I have to pay for my brother or sister's mistake? Is it right or just? Lord Bless Pakistani Christians and Long Live Pakistan.

    Thanks a lot Wilson Bhai, for all you are doing for we Pakistani Christians. Bless ya in Jesus name