Friday, 1 April 2011

Premier Christian Radio covered the recent attacks on churches in Pakistan - Pastor Jones please stop!

Here is a link to the story on Premier Radio concerning the attack on the Church at Wah Cantt:

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Sunrise Radio also interviewed Wilson for a story that was featured in news stories this morning. Since then UN soldiers in Afghanistan have been killed as a consequence of Terry Jones Quran burning.

The Quran burning incident has caused schism between Global Christian-Muslim harmony and has been condemned by the majority of Christian organisations. This has had little affect in assuaging the ire in Islamic states and communities. It is essential now that Islamic leaders call for a cessation of the violence, or the very face of society that many of us know will detrimentally alter.


  1. The fact Muslims behave the way they do when they are offended, tells me Pastor Jones may have been right to burn the Koran. The assaults on Christians in Pakistan is not the fault of Pastor Jones, it is the fault of the murderous fanatics who are using Pastor Jones as a new excuse to do their assaulting. If they did not have Pastor Jones as an excuse they would invent another excuse to beat up Christians. They beat up Christians because they are able and because their Koran teaches them they are better than everyone else. If the Koran teaches Muslims to behave the way they do then it is an evil book that should be burned.

  2. I think he is wrong to do this Koran burning: BUT he doesn't MAKE the extremists attack Christians and Christian churches. They have free will. THEY are doing wrong, far worse wrong than Jones's book burning.

  3. This is an irrational act by irrational people on both sides and there is just no justification for either side. It is not logical to condone the burning of a Quran knowing full well the consequences that act will cause on human life.....and he DOES know. The blood of these innocent Christian martyrs may well be on the hands of this self-justified man living in Florida. Do not try to excuse him - please. You don't throw meat into a Lion's cage and not expect the lion to eat it. You do not burn a Quran knowing that they feel compelled to defend and take revenge for their 'god'.

  4. My simple question to any Muslim who claims that Islam is Religion of peace, Killing and peace are two entirely different states of human behaviour, how can you keep these two different extremes together? Is this is not like, person wants to serve two masters at same time.
    At this time Muslims are using Pastor Terry as an excuse of killing innocent Christians, can they tell me, how do you justify killing of Sulaman Taseer (Governor of Punjab), Shahbaz Bahtti a Christian Cabinet Minister and two brothers from Faisalabad. That time Pastor Terry did not burn any Quran.
    My polite suggestion to all the Muslim is, stop playing game in the name of religion and start questioning your teaching. This kind of behaviour will not take you to heaven but burning hell. It is never too late to come on right path and eternal life. Jesus Christ is The way, The truth and The life, if we all accept Him in our lives He will deliver His ever lasting peace, joy and love.
    Your in His Kingdom
    Well wisher

  5. I agree with Well Wisher's comments. God made this world and all of us, and hates nothing He has made. However He gave us free will and we often follow our own way, forgetting that He loves everyone - Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians etc. and also those who as yet do not accept the teachings of any "religion"! I think Christianity is in fact more a Way of Life than a religion, but alas many of us who claim to follow Jesus, the Way, do so imperfectly!. He has made us stewards of creation (as it says in the Bible and the Koran), and if we learn to live and work for the good of others, cooperating generously as best we can, things will change!

  6. Why are we giving a huge amount of aid to a government who allows dreadful persecution of Christians in Pakistan - it makes no sense when we are withdrawing support from other countries whose records of human rights are bad. Why can't the British government actually stand up for what is right???