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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

NCJP inform us of another Christian victim of the Blasphemy Law

Another Christian held under Blasphemy Laws

Another Christian named Arif Masih (40), of a village near Chak Jhumra, Faisalabad was arrested from his house on April 5th, 2011 by the local police on the ridiculous accusation of writing a threatening letter to local Muslims, asking them to become Christians and ripping the pages of Holy Quran.

While a case (FIR # 133/2011) was registered under section 295-C Pakistan Penal Code against unknown person with local Police Station Sahiyanwala by Shahid Yousaf, a neighbor of Arif Masih, he was arrested and detained by police at unknown place however for investigation and 'protection.'

Ejaz Masih, brother of Arif Masih informed NCJP, that his brother was trapped in this concocted and fabricated case by Shahid Yousaf in order to grab a house adjacent to his house which Arif had purchased. Reportedly, two brothers of the complainant namely Zahid Yousaf and Rashid Yousaf who are members of Elite Police Force used their influence to bring the charges.

The local Muslims and Christian believed that Arif Masih had a sound reputation and it was unimaginable that he could commit acts alleged in the complaint. He was wrongly implicated in this incident on land dispute.

The overall law and order situation is under control and police personnel are deputed in the area preempting any untoward incident. Mr. Naseem Sadiq, District Coordination Officer, Faisalabad said, “Arif Masih is in safe custody and police officials are investigating into matter and we know that Arif Masih was falsely implicated in this case but we want to apprehend the real culprits."



  1. It deeply saddens me to hear of the great injustices our brothers and sisters across the globe have to endure due to corruption, fundamentalism, lies and so forth. Praying for their protection and vindication and for their familes too. We must also pray for the perpertrators of these injustices that they will be convicted in their hearts of their wrongdoing and seek forgiveness and mercy from our Lord.

  2. Dear Wilson,

    You are doing an amazing job, i always read your emails and they keep me updated so thank you.

    May god give you strength and the support of a united Christian community to tackle this problem.

    Our prayers and blessings are with you.

  3. Radio Hamdosana condemned this arrest and we pray for him to Lord to give him spiritually strength and be with his family. radio team UK

  4. If there is any site where we can protest?

  5. It serves to prove that Muslims have no true God when they lie through their teeth to bring persecution on innocent people. By these willful acts of injustice the perpetrators are the ones guilty of defaming the name of Muhammad and bringing shame upon Islam.

  6. It is really sad to know that our another Christian brother is in police custody and under deep threat to his life just because some one wants to take over his land. I just hope and pray that everything goes well for Arif Masih as police deals with this case.

    1. The Europeans took our land and brought diseases killing off many native people
      almost exterminating our ancestors.Before Columbus came there were sixty million natives
      here in America,and all that was left was 800,000.The European People have destroyed our land,contaminating bodies of water and polluting the air and earth.We could still be living in healthy conditions if they had lived as the natives!They were never punished,we were!

  7. kk........we as native americans here in America are treated the same as those in other countries.More money is spent on inmates in jail than on medical care for my people here in America!Some are sick,hungry and die before they reach 40.I do have compassion for those that don't have freedom of religion,but we suffer as well.