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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Farrukh Mushtaq Gill arrested at home for a purported Quran burning - another victim of the Blasphemy Law of Pakistan!

Image of Farrukh Mushtaq Gill taken from FB

Farrukh Mushtaq Gill and his father Mushtaq Gill, have been arrested for Blasphemy yesterday evening, and were taken from there residence in Gujuranwala. It is purported that the two of them were involved in a Quran burning Incident to the fore of their home.

Farrukh was working as a Welfare Officer at "National Bank", and his father is a teacher at the "Christian Technical Training Center" Guranjawala Pakistan.

Former Brigadier Samson Sharaf a FACEBOOKER described issues pertaining to the incident(sic):

"Danish Andrew Gill The local administration appears to understand that this incident is a farce to get even with the Gill Family. The little boys who were handed the blasphemous papers by someone say that neither the father nor the son are the ones who handed over the papers. However the handwriting has remarkable similarity. The two are in protective custody."

I will update readers as the story develops...

Please pray for the city of Gujaranwala, the Christians living their caught up in a very volatile situation and for the two victims, who now face a terrible ordeal.


  1. God Bless all

  2. Is it a story for you Mr. Wilson. Please think before you write anything.

  3. plz pray 4 thiz law b/c its going 2 much terrible 4 all christian

  4. God is faithful......all those who live out their lives for Jesus will suffer persecution.May our living Lord be with them and turn this situation around to use for His glory.

  5. The Lord allows this to happen for a purpose. Enemies of the God of the bible will accuse those who love the LORD. They may kill the body but not our soul which is attached to the Lord of life. Christians when they are born again know whom they adore even if it means death because there is only one God of life, all the other gods man has invented are dead as the dodo. God permits Satan to do what the Lord wants for His glory. He does not make mistakes. Maybe He is purifying His body by letting His children become martyrs so that the free Christian churches will awaken from their lethargy and repent and come back to the cross and start embracing an Asia-Bibi lifestyle.
    I know God protects Farrukh and Mushtaqh and strenghen them. I pray and plead with God that they are not sexually abused. That the Lord's peace and glory shine on them for their enemies to see and that we can see persecutors of Jesus Christ become children of the God of the bible just like Saul became Paul.
    Praise God because He is sovereign in everything.

  6. Pakistani Christian brothers and sisters passing the time as ancient Christian passed during the ruling of pagan roman emperors when Christians were cought and killed or used to be put into the lion's den or with gladiators to fight and die.Yes, their time is so crucial just like living with animals.So, we need to pray continuiosly for them and work as well to help according to our effort.

  7. May The Lord be glorified and protect our Brothers.

  8. May the Lords hand be upon them both, protecting, comforting and strengthening them. May He rule in righteousness in and over this situation.May the honour His Name be upheld and the two men set free.

  9. This issue is urgently needed to raise in the United Nations and the European Parliament. They are giving millions of pounds of aid money to the Pakistani government, and this government is not even able to protect the minorities here. Christians are not safe in Pakistan at all. They are living in continuous fear of false accusations of blasphemy law.

  10. Update: I have just spoken to my friends in Pakistan who live within the same neighborhood as the Gill family. Thanks to God and the prayers of all believers, they were released from jail and have returned home. It was said there was 'lack of evidence'. Their is no mob demonstrating going on with the Muslims, and the Christians now feel safe enough to return to their homes within the community. Please continue to pray that the situation remains peaceful. Thank you.

  11. prof Mobeen Shahid - Vatican University16 April 2011 at 18:40

    Dear Wilson,

    thank you for the news about Mr. Mushtaq Gill which we got to know this morning because Mr. Riaz Faqir and Padri Sohail Mubarak's, who live in Rome, families too live in the same area of Gujranwala. I have been told that most of the christian's families evacuated their houses already last night and when this morning around 600 angry demostrants went to the area could not find anybody to hit. At this moment a group of muslim and christians representatives is with a counselor Mr. Eric and discussing the matter.

    We pakistani christians in italy have already informed the Pakistani embassy in Rome and asked for their local intervention which has been assured. Mr. Shahbaz Hussain, Head of the Chancery, told us that they've check the news but at the moment no FIR (first information report) has been registered about the case.

    Italian media also has been informed about the incident and the news is already available in the electronic media and tomorrow it will be published also in the printed media.

    with cordial regards!

    prof. Mobeen Shahid
    Pontificia Università Lateranense

  12. Greetings! Have you heard any more detail on this situation? Have you heard about the demonstrations within the community that were supposed to occur last evening (April 15th)? I was told the Imams were inciting their followers to demonstrate and demand the release of the men so that they may be publically hanged. Do you have other information? Thank you!

  13. We came to know this morning about this situation and made contact with High Commission of Pakistan and spoke to a senior diplomat, who assured that he would investigate and come back to us within half-an-hour.

    He confirmed that police has not arrested the family but have taken them in a safe protection. Police is taking care and is asking everyone to comeback to their homes after people left the area and police will make sure the proper security and policing is maintained. No one has been charged and law enforcements agencies are monitoring the situation and embassy promised to keep us up-to-date.

    It is alarming but we must not do anything that could be detrimental to the family or the people living in Gujranwala.

    CPO of Gujranwala has confirmed to the senior diplomat of Pakistan High Commission that no one is arrested and the family is simply taken in a safe protection and the matter is under investigation.

    News has been conveyed to the people who are dealing with this case and contact has also been made with DCO Gujranwala in addition to, and everybody has assured that the family is in safe protection.

  14. Hi
    I am living in Gujranwala where this is happening.
    Latest news is some of pastors and some respected persons sit with some mulla's and build a committee and this committee will first discover that what the case is and then do any further steps.
    Mushtaq Gill and his family is safe by the Grace of God and i believe that nothing will happen to them.
    police is giving security to all those people who are under threat.
    Now some reputed persons Like Anwar Khokhar and Pastor Eric Issaq are arrested by police due to security purposes.
    I Request you all to Pray For us.


  16. They are safe but on back end.... the entire situation is very critical....

  17. I know their relative who is here in England and we have prayed with him for the family. Although our LORD tells us we will be persecuted for our faith, He also tells us we are blessed, and that He gives us victory. May our brothers in Christ be delivered soon.

  18. Enough is enough. These people are just as a hungry pack of wolves trying to find its prey. This is the time when all Christian brothers and sisters should stand up and rally out in the streets to let the hopeless government of Pakistan know that we've had enough of this!!

  19. Sorry to hear this news. I used to live in Islam Colony just around the corner from CTTC in Guj and used to preach in the Church there in the 90's. Our Church will be praying for this dear brother and his family.

  20. The Church in Pakistan must wake up to the reality of the last hour in which we live.Though,the scriptures emphasise that we that love JESUS shall suffer persecution,JESUS is bulding the Church and the gates of hell shall not overcome us.
    I have been to Pakistan in 2005&2007 preaching all over Punjab.The Pakistani preachers hardly devote much time to prayer and fasting and the WORD OF GOD.The more Israel was oppressed in Egypt,the more they grew.But why is the number of Christians dwindling in Pakistan and other Middle East and Arab Nations?
    Until,the Pakistani Church wake up and consecrate themselves and stop looking abroad for donations,they will still be under the muslim majority.
    The gospel of JESUS is a fire gospel that destroy great yokes of oppression and bondage.May the fire of revival sweep thru.the Pakistani ministers and Congregations.with my love and good will.EVANGELIST MAIGIDA AMEH-NIGERIA

  21. I think United Nations should give Refugee status to Pakistani Christians.

  22. I urge UN to grant refugee status for all Pakistani Christians. Why this matter is not taken seriously by the Western World. What more proof they need. They are several thousand cases unreported. Police does nothing. Government of Pakistan is doing nothing to protect Christian Pakistanis’. This matter needs to be taken up by the UN and resolved by giving Pakistani Christians refugee status soon. I pray from Almighty God for the protection of over 20 million Christians in Pakistan that are suffering right now.

  23. What is new updates on this case? if there are any new development, so please send me,

    Kamran Qundeel Advocate

    Toba Tek Singh

  24. It is very hard for Christians to live in Pakistan. I will pray for this brother and for his family to get rid of from this problem.

    God may protect all Christians from this Blasphemy Law in Pakistan

    Kashif Iqbal from Switzerland