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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Charges dropped on Blasphemy case laid against Farrukh and his father in Gujranwala!

Elder Mushtaq gill and his son Farrukh Mustaq (nick named raja) were accused of burning the Quran and were found innocent on the 11th April 2011. Despite early reports, they were not arrested but taken into safe custody Thursay 14th April by the local Senior Superintendent of Poilce. This action was taken due to severe provocation from a fanatic mob. Local Police took them to a secret destination.

A known local informant from Gujranwala commented:

"The mob and ensuing panic surrounding the incident caused great tension in our area of Gulzar Colony and Aziz Colony commonly called Phatta. On Friday morning namaz announcements were made from a local mosque calling for local Muslim people to protest and gather against the purported desecration of the Quran. This resulted in evacuation of homes in the area by local Christians. Some families including Pastor Eric and my own remained"

A large squadron of Police have been surveying the area some stayed on local roof tops others on the streets. Their intent was to ensure that calm was reinstated to the polarised community and to give confidence to local people.

The local Imam led a Muslim procession through the streets of the local Christian enclave yesterday, their participants numbered clsoe to 100 (not 600 as reported in some local news stories). The procession itself was herded by local Police preventing any untoward activity or clash. Anti-Christian slogans were shouted at local Christian people causing much fear amongst the local community. The procession passed by the local Mission Compound, Christian Technical Training Center and the procession ended at the City Police Officers Office.

The protesters though small in number increased local apprehension and this subsequently was followed by much rumour of further and multiple protests.

Our local informant further commented:

At the moment the situation is under control and it seems that the matter has been settled. hopefully elder sahib and raja will be free in a few days as they are innocent, but still nothing can be predicted as tomorrow is Palm Sunday than we have Good Friday. We are concerned that Terry Jones is planning another stupidity on Good Friday."

There is much speculation surrounding the purpose of this recent attack. The majority of local people feel that this is just a case of professional rivalry as Farrakh Mushtaq was recently promoted to a position as Operational Manager at the National Bank of Pakistan.

In closing our informat told us:

"some people in the bank didn't like it, there may be some family dispute, like some female involvement etc, I can't disclose the reason as its too early.
Please do Pray for all of us here in Gujranwala."


  1. Thank God for the release of the Gills. We pray that Terry Jones does not do that stupid act. We have to show we are Christians by our lifestyle not by burning the holy book of our religious groups or burning the effigy of their holy prophet. We have to live as Jesus Christ lived. Before Christ's crucifixion, Pontius Pilate attempted to exercise his authority over Jesus, saying that he had the power to either execute him or release him. But Jesus told Pilate that the only power he had over him was the power that was given to him from heaven. In John 18:36 Jesus says "My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, then My servants would be fighting so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm."
    So what Terry Jones has done and is planning to do will only serve to endanger the lives of Christians by rousing further animosity which will turn into hatred in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and other Muslim countries.
    Let's pray and not lose time during the holy week because though it is a time of great joy to Christians it is also a tragic time as many Christians become martyrs in these countries.

  2. I like the previous comment and agree with it, especially about the nut Terry Jones. How illiterate can one be?!!

  3. God bless and protect the believers in Pakistan! Riasat Mobashar, USA

  4. Hamdosana gospel net radio praying for safety and Security of all Masihi community in Pak

  5. Cosette Avakian19 April 2011 at 10:16

    Many thanks for your e-mail. It is encouraging to know that the charges against Farrukh Mushtaq and his father have been dropped. Let us now pray for their safety.

  6. I think Pastor Terry Jones made his point!
    This is that Islam and the quran are inciting people to murder!
    Terrible acts of violence are committed in the name of their god and prophet!
    Somsthing is wrong with this religion of Islam!
    I don`t think this pastor needs to do anything of this nature again as I`m sure people have woken up to the truth!

  7. Yes it is geeting very difficult for us to live in Pakisatn .I am an assistant Manager in a Telecom Company.And a group of my coleagues has threatened me also .But I do not know what to do every time i am afraid.Same like in Gill's case .All the community of our City is very scared Specialy today on Good friday.We love pakistan becaus it is our mother land.And we respect Quran Pak.And we all condam the act of Terry Jones.Please pray for us.It is like we are in a Danger zone.
    God Bless all.