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Friday, 8 April 2011

Asia Bibi is gravely ill - and is still not receiving the medical care she so desperately needs?!

I have received some very tragic news that Asia Bibi the emblem of the recent surge in awareness of our freedom movement, is now suffering from a debilitating illness. It would seem whilst in solitary confinement somehow, she has contracted chicken pox. It has been reported that the infection has been due to the lack of hygiene and medical attention within the confines of prison.

Asia Bibi is said to be praying daily and fasting seeking peace in Pakistan. Asia condition is said to be grave, yet she has not been moved to a cleaner environment and is not receiving the medical care and attention she desperately needs.

More details can be found by clicking the links below:

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Persecution for Christians in Pakistan is increasing a railworker Pervais Maish is in hiding after being accused of a blasphemy, in the wake of Pastor Terry Jones Quran Burning actions. He was working at Lal Musa station near Lahore and was confronted by Muslim workers about the Quran buring, despite condemning the action he was set upon by them

The BPCA condemns the continued incarceration of Asia Bibi, we call for her immediate release and pardon and urge the President of Pakistan to stop hiding behind the court appeals process and to use his automatic right to a presidential pardon. We ask for Christians globally to pray for Aasia's restoration of health.

We also call on the government of Pakistan to protect all it's people and we pray for safety of the persecuted church of Pakistan.


  1. I have prayed nightly for her deliverance since her incarceration. I wish our Christian church leaders would speak out strongly on her behalf and other beleaguered Christians.

  2. Chris from London9 April 2011 at 09:25

    Hi Wilson
    Thank you for keeping us updated on Asia Bibi. My wife and I have been and are continuing to pray for Asia. We are also praying for her family who have been deprived of a mom/wife.

  3. Our prayers always for her and with her and for her family too. My the Lord have mercy upon her and upon those who inflict such evil. Amen

  4. Thank you for message about ASIA BIBI. I have contacted embassy and directly Pakistani government. Is there anything else we can do? I also wrote to Muslim organizations in the USA asking them for support and help. They NEVER reply. I believe that we need to have hundreds of people approaching representatives in Pakistan. They should know that we are watching their actions and we'll hold them accountable. Can you give us guidance? Please give us address of that Prison where Asia Bibi and also the Supreme Court address in Lahore so that we can keep writing and writing. We cannot just sit and watch. We have to be persistent. If I was in her position I would hope and expect Christians to do the same thing for me. Thank you.

  5. Hi Wilson
    Thank you for the update. We have been earnestly praying for Asia and her family and would continue to do so until the good Lord sends His mighty Angel to deliver her from the prison like He did to Paul and Silas in the prison. It is very heart breaking to see her suffering for the crime she did not commit. May the good Lord have mercy on Pakistan, its citizens and those who hold the reigns of power. May they come to know the truth, the way and the light Jesus Christ.
    God bless

  6. DEar Wilson
    I have been wondering how Asis Bibi is ... I have been praying for her and her 5 children ...
    Just a suggestion which I will follow myself ... to Pray the first 3 verses of Ps 41 forher, replacing 'he' and 'him' with her name Asia Bibi.
    Even verses 5-9 are relevant

    Feel free to pass thison.

    The Lord bless you

  7. Dear Sir

    greetings from Pakistan

    We know Asia is innocent from the Day. we pray for her health and her safety and freedom from this unjust confinement. May God bring peace to her and her family.

    Iftikhar Masih
    Punjab Pakistan

  8. Dear Wilson,
    Yes I agree with sister Lysbeth. We can pray portions of Psalm 41 for Asia.Very effective.
    Yes it's hard to be all alone there in a dark and dank cell, especially in a culture where women, Christian women are considered as second-class citizens. That the Lord keep her faith in Him. She may die for Her Lord if this is His will but what is more important she is a powerful witness of Christ Jesus as the only way to God to Muslims who believe that Jesus Christ will come again not to judge the living and the dead in the name of God of the bible and in His name and that of the Holy Spirit but that He will come to point people to Mohammed.
    God uses the weak, the poor, the uncelebrated, the uneducated to do His mighty work. He will not use someone like the beautiful Kate Middleton or charismatic President Obama to point people to the Saviour.
    The God who has raised Jesus from the dead with that same power He has said Let there be light and there was light. With that same power He has transformed me from an evil person to become Her born-again child. He is able to release her now. Our God who disturbed the sleep of the mighty king, husband to queen Esther, for him not to call his servants to entertain him or to give him wine. he asked for records and he found how Mordecai saved his life when there was threat of death on Mordecai. So he wanted to reward such a loyal man and God chose the one who planned the death of Mordecai to honour him instead and in that book there is no mention of God. Our God is God and alive and nothing that happens in this world happens without Him allowing it or not allowing it.
    I believe that Asia is privileged because she sees God every second helping,sustaining and comforting her.
    With that same power he can release her from prison and reunite her with her family. But to see a devout Muslim converted by seeing her faith is the triumph of Christianity, this is the power of God that transforms people's lives.
    God bless you all and let His light through His Word shine on Asia, her family, other brothers,sisters in Pakistan, across the persecuted world and let us Christians from the free world rouse from our lethargy and be strong witnesses for Christ by adopting an Asia-Bibi lifesyle.