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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Pakistani Christians joined a variety of British people opposing the savage cuts our communities face

At last a moments rest over 450,000 purportedly attended the march

At the end of the Anti-cuts demo on 26th March 2011
Tired and fatigued my daughter Naomi felt inclined to eat an Ice lolly - it certainly quenched her thirst.

The reason I arrived so late and without my presentation to the memorial for Shahbaz Bhatti was my participation in the anti-cuts demo in London the same weekend.

I felt obliged to go as Pakistani Christians often claim to be the forgotten minority in the UK, but fail to get involved with the important issues facing the country.

The event was a non-party political event and was attended by Conservatives, Labour Party supporters and Lib Dems as well as a raft of other political parties.

The event overall was a real success and a Police Sergeant informed me that over 450,000 people attended the event making it the biggest protest in Europe.

The British Pakistani Christian association are particularly concerned about budget reductions to Social Services, policing and Health. Asians have a high susceptibility to Strokes, Heart Conditions and Diabetes and we must not lose any health service or the social services that protect our elderly or those from other communities. Moreover any reductions in policing at a time when Pastor Terry Jones comments are causing community schism is of no benefit.

British Public can be so fair minded and despite their political, religious and other diversities they always come out together to campaign for justice and equal rights. Pakistani society could learn a lot from the behaviour of our public.

This event should not be tarnished by the group of hooligans that attacked the Ritz, they were unassociated and small in number.

It was good to hear from Mike Gapes our local MP that he also attended although he did not make it to the end knowing political figure took the event seriously is important.

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