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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Christian brothers are fighting over Catholic Church property rights!

We have received information of Christian brothers taking action over Church proerty rights. We pray that this situation is resolved amicably, in honesty and integrity. The report is reproduced below (sic):

Arrest Warrants for Father Rehmat Hakim

Arrest warrants issued on Wednesday morning for Father Rehmat Hakim of the Lady Fatima Church, Islamabad. Maragalla Police station issued the arrest warrants for Father Hakim on a complaint filed by Mushtaq Vicky a resident of a Chapel located in sector G-8, Islamabad.

A FIR was registered against Father Hakim stating that he owes 200,000$ US Dollars to Mushtaq Vicky, so he alloted the Chapel property with the consent of Father John Taylor.

Father Rehmat Hakim said, "in 1992 Mushtaq Vicky came to the Fatima Church, he met Father John Taylor, he said he was homeless, so we allowed him to stay at a small cottage in the Chapel premises of Sector G-8, Islamabad. After a few years Father Taylor left Pakistan and the charge was handed over to me. Vicky started a Women Rights Organization, we didnt bother to ask him to leave the property as there was no one living there. In 2008 I asked Vicky to vacate the property was we need it for the Church, he refused and said he owns it Father Taylor gave it to him. He made fake documents of the property and claims that it was transferred to him. I contacted Father Taylor who refused vicky`s claim. We warned him of a legal action, so in revenge he has filed a false case saying that he gave 200,000 US Dollars to me and Father John Taylor for safe keeping, as we failed to return him the money, so we gave him the property instead. This is totally wrong, a false case has been made against me."

The SHO ( Station House Officer) Margalla Police station Arif Lassi sent the arrest warrants to the lady Fatima Church, but Father Hakim was not at his residence this morning. The Christian Community is furious over the arrest warrants, Father Anwar patras said " this is a conspiracy against the Catholic Church, the catholic properties cannot be sold or transferred, the Bishop and the Diocesan Board are the custodians of the properties, no individual can sell or transfer any property. I personally know Father Rehman Hakim, he has been falsely accused. Father John Taylor helped Mushtaq Vicky on humanitarian grounds, but he took advantage. We will not allow anyone to arrest a Father or any representative of the Church on false cases. We had a meeting with Bishop Rufin Anthony, we will take legal action against Mushtaq Vicky and anyone else involved in defaming the Catholic Church."

The Fathers from Rawalpindi / Islamabad and other Christian leaders along with Father Rehmat Hakim are present at the office of the IG (Inspector General) Islamabad Police to explain him the situation. They are demanding an inquiry and immediate suspension of SHO Maragalla Police station Arif Lassi, arrest warrants for Mushtaq Vicky. Documents ensuring that the power of attorney for the catholic properties is the diocesan board. The chapel located in sector G-8 belongs to the Catholic Church and must be handed over immediately. A protest against the Maragala Police Station is also being planned, for issuing the arrest warrants without investigation.

The Bishop House has refused to issue any statement as they are looking into the matter, a formal statement is expected after the meeting with the IG.

Kind Regards

Mehboob Alam

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