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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Christians in the Middle East and South Asian subcontinent face further persecution as Pastor Jones prepares his next incitement to hatred.

The Controversial American Pastor Terry Jones is now planning a follow-up to his recent mock trial that led to a burning of the Quran. This time he is considering another ill-advised trial using an effigy of the Muslim holy prophet Muhammed.

Pastor Jones has stated that the trial is a possibility, but will not be in the near future:

The outrage and violence meted out on Christians in the Middle East and South Asian subcontinent, as a consequence of his last burning incident has still not dissipated. A Christian man in Pakistan is still on the run after condemning the incident whilst in discussion with colleagues at work, who still set on him despite his assurances that the incident was not one universally endorsed by Christians.

If Pastor Jones is allowed to pursue this matter it will certainly lead to more blood shed. We are surprised that America does not have a set of incitement of hatred laws that can protect the world from his actions, which have served no purpose but to create alienation and conflict.

We call on Christian brothers across the world to indicate their reservations towards the unecessary practices he is undertaking, that have created global schism. The link below allows readers to contact Pastor Jones Church directly and i pray that many of you will do so:


  1. Is this man sane ?

  2. Well done Wilson for all your hard work and commitment! Pakistan needs more people like you who will stand up and be counted as one of Christ's soldiers.God be with you in all that you seek to do for His glory.

  3. In your article you state,"We are surprised that America does not have a set of incitement of hatred laws that can protect the world from his actions..."

    Isn't this the problem in Pakistan? Christians are arrested, abused, and even killed because of their alleged hate-speech towards the Qur'an and Mohammed.

    Pastor Terry Jones is a foolish man whose actions are immoral. Instead of doing all he can to save lives, he washes his hands of the deaths of others simply because he didn't do it. But he knowingly supplies those who do the atrocities with greater motivation to harm those who are supposed to be his "brothers and sisters."

    However, it would similarly be foolish for a free society to use the blanket of "hate-speech" to shackle its citizens and then,if they don't toe the majority line, to fine, harass, imprison etc... The proposed medicine is the same thing as the sickness.

  4. Keep up the good work.
    How do we let people know that Terry Jones is a nut case who is only seeking publicity.

  5. I have been interviewed by Sunrise radio who will be playing the recording form 14:00 - 21:00 tomorrow.

  6. Although it is deplorable what Terry Jones is doing; surely the main issue is keeping the focus on the ongoing persecution that is increasingly pandemic. Even without the Terry Jones's of this world, the Islamist countries continue to abuse basic human rights not just to christians but other religions and minorities. Even in the U.K there is creeping islamisation. More prayer and partnerships with our suffering brothers and sisters in christ is what's needed.
    God bless all you guys at the BPCA!