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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Two new members have joined our event Calendar

We are pleased to announce that Nelson Asian congregation and Bethlehem Punjabi Church in America have now joined up our free electronic community calendar.

The calendar is free to use and we invite Pakistani, Indian or other churches serving the global Indian Subcontinent to join up. The Calendar will allow people access to a choice of churches, special events and should encourage holiday visits to our global community.

If you want to learn about their events just enter our website and click on the Calendar box:

We hope wider churches will start to use this free resources so that we can create a much better joined up approach to community concerns and fellowship.

Our forum debates are getting very informative one reader has spoken of Markan Priority. I have challenged him to digress further and describe Q and other variant priorities so that we as a community can grow in knowledge.

Get involved the forum is free to join, easy to use and can be accessed using the link above.

Some of you have asked how to get notifications to any subject threads you create on the forum or reply to. Simply press the notify box at the end of the thread.

May I wish you all a Blessed Easter and Holy Week.

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  1. Dear Wilson,
    Did you ever contact Pope to look into the matter?
    Please, give suggestion to all Catholic community
    that God is the only father and according to the Holy scriptures ,we are not allowed to say father to anyone in this world.We must say brother to priests and not father.