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Friday, 15 April 2011

Bible torn at Lahore Church entrance - aghast Christians call for peace!

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lahore.

Saint Joseph’s Church, situated on Lawrence Road, lahore suffered the ignominy of a bible being ripped apart, whilst parishioners entered for an evening mass on 8th April 2011.

The perpetrator is said to be a local Muslim man named Akhtar 30) who had been offended by the Quran burning undertaken by the now infamous and controversial pastor Terry Jones of Florida.

Young men form the Church assisted police in the apprehension of the culprit who is said to be in a Lahore Jail awaiting trial, under section 295a of the Pakistan Penal Code.

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Despite the outrage that local Christians feel, the leaders of the church have called for calm. Lahore's Archdiocesan Vicar Andrew Nisari used strong words of peace urging the Christian community to be resolute in their faith and not to retaliate - during a mass at Lahore's Scared Heart Cathedral on Sunday 10th April. He said;

'Promise me you won't riot, Promise you won't fight. It is another trial for Christianity in Pakistan. Be patient in suffering and follow the passion of Christ.'

UCA News reported:

Church authorities say they have forgiven Akhtar, who is still in jail.

“The state will deal with the criminal. Pursing the matter will invite more trouble. However we are deeply concerned with growing anti-Christian sentiments,” said retired Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha of Lahore.

According to the cathedral guards, Akhtar tried entering the Daughters of St. Paul bookshop located on Church premises twice that morning.

“He again appeared during the Stations of the Cross service; took out a book from a plastic bag, tore its pages and threw them in the air shouting he has avenged the Qur’an burning,” said Khalid Perwaiz, one of the four cathedral guards.

He said he would have snatched it if he had known it was a Bible.

Read the full UCA article

This is another attack on Christian churches and I fear it is not the end we will hear of the ensuing persecution, attributable to the Quran burning incident. A bible has now been desecrated in retaliation and although I do not espouse a tit for tat philosphy, however, I hope that this incident is accepted by any potential perpetrators of retribution, as a like for like insult.

We call on global Christians to pray for the persecuted Church of Pakistan and specifically for a cessation of recent violence imposed on them, due to Pastor Jones wayward act, that was no fault of their own and has not been sanctioned by them or the majority of global Christians.


  1. I have written to pastor Jones and no doubt he will ignore me as he ignores everyone else
    I belive it is wrong to even refer to this man as a Pastor.

  2. It is Haram (forbidden) to destroy any religions holy books in Islam. These are the acts of idiots who arent representing any kind of decency :(