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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Good Friday Service in Glasgow - Pakistani Christians cover every corner of the UK

Pakistani Christians in Scotland are a joyous bunch!

Standing together God's people are a force to be reckoned with!

Wilson Chowdhry presenting on the work of the BPCA.

Rev George Fatehdin Gill a speaker on Awaz FM in Glasgow gave a rousing sermon.

Rev. Sumeet Harrison spoke of the sacrifice Christ made.

Pastor William Nawab Philip spoke of the everlasting life God has promised.

On Good Friday Wilson Chowdhry was invited to speak on the work of the BPCA at a Urdu service in Glasgow. The event was a real success and and culminated in strong desire for unity amongst our people.

Many of our brothers living in England are unaware of the thriving Asian Christian fellowships across our northerly border. We have been told that we have 7 Churches in Scotland and that the community there is striving to create better links with one another. Our invitation was offered by Sheem Gill from Glasgow.

Sheem Gill is the Chief Executive of the Scottish Asian Christian Fellowship and he recently collaborated with the South Asian Forum, the BPCA and several Scottish Christian Groups such as;

The Minority Ethnic Churches Together in Scotland (MECTIS) The Release International, Scotland. Rev. Andrew Anderson, Asian Christian Concern Edinburgh Rev. Mehboob Masih, Westmains Church of Scotland, East Kilbride Rev. Peter Gill, Walkneuk walk Church of Scotland, Paisley

in a call for a more concerted Foreign Office approach to creating a fairer Pakistan.

The various groups listed above with their specific names illustrate the strength of our Pakistani community in Scotland.

After Wilson's presentation we have secured a strong commitment from the Scottish fellowship for involvement at our protest on the 2nd July. A recent visit to Nelson Church in the north of England has also created similarly positive results and it seems that one of our key priorities - to create a more unified body of Asian Christians is beginning to yield fruit.

Our brothers in Scotland were most hospitable and the time spent with them was a real blessing. Wilson has agreed to meet with them again on the 4th June 2011 to speak at their memorial to Shahbaz Bhatti.

Sheem Gill has been provided a password to our calendar and we hope to be reading about Christian events in Scotland shortly. Remember the Global calendar is free to use and can be accessed on our website by clicking the calendar box

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Please keep our Scottish Fellowships in your prayers.

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  1. My name is Sarah, I am from a christain family. I want to meet with christain asian woman in glasgow. I am new to glasgow and I am struggling to fit in anywhere, even the church I attend is promdominately white and although I enjoy going there. It is hard for me to make friends with them not understanding my culture, I am not from pakistan but I am born in the uk and my dad is from goa. If you can help me find some good fellowship I would be very happy. my email is thank you for your time.