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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Convert or go to hell - patients in Pakistani Hospitals told!

Christian family pressured into watching their family member seep into unconciousness, whilst he was being told to convert to Islam or be eternally damned.

Non-Muslim patients in Government hospital are being aggressively told to convert to Islam or they will go to hell. In Pakistan Today Reporter Urooj Zia tells a comprehensive story about the unsavoury activity that is affecting minorities detrimentally:

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We need to be impartial in our condemnation of the act itself as the people that undertake this mission have a set belief that they are saving people from damnation and attaining "savaab" for themselves. Savaab is a divine reward or merit if you prefer for obedience, abstinence and devotion. It is a Quranic scriptual benefit and I can understand why people of an Islamic inclination would want to be vigorous in appeasing their God. We Christian's are the same and I am aware of several large hospital ministries that are focused on saving souls at the point of death.

However, Christian ministries have a more tactful and respectful approach in which the patients family is often consulted and partakes in any spiritual activity. Moreover, requests for termination or avoidance are accepted via patients or the families. The zealots in Pakistani Hospital's seem not to be aware of the freedom of choice that God has allowed people on this earth. If God wanted us to all accede to his will he would have created automatons and not free thinking beings.

We know that God is saddened by the loss of souls and that every soul saved causes rejoicing in heaven, the parable of the lost sheep informs us on this point. But irrespective of our personal desires we must allow people to make an honest and heartfelt commitment or salvation will not materialise. Just reciting a prayer will not save us in the Christian faith and I am not enough of an Islamic scholar to know if a similar stance is correct for Islam, but my perception would be that the situation is similar.

It is disturbing to see that our Christian brother Zain caught in crossfire and critically ill, passed out while the radical conversion team was forcibly attempting to Save him from damnation. However, the fact that his family was told to stay silent by the zealots whilst the family were trying to share potentially the last moments of Zain's life, or trying to encourage his survival - is diabolical!

To be fair the determined zealots did approach all patients and not just minorities. They sought confirmation of Islamic tendency by requesting a recital of the Islamic prayer known as Kalma (There is No God but Allah, and the Prophet Mohammed is his Last and Final Messenger). However, the offensive nature of the incident is not in attempts to save a soul but the overbearing nature of the approach to patients and their emotionally drained families.

Nurses did not intervene stating they were to busy and short staffed and security personnel decided to refrain from action, on the assumption that they too would receive "savaab".

The Christian family stated that they were too scared to speak out against the action of men from the religious faction called Tablighi Jamaat, because they feared
reprisals such as the initiation of a blasphemy case.

More needs to be done to protect our minorities in Pakistan, so that they can enjoy the freedoms of expression, faith and choice, that we so verily enjoy here in the UK.


  1. Wake up, guys and smell the roses.

  2. @Azeem and others in London/UK:That is what I have been saying all along. This Queen signed the final document - after twisting ht arm of those 4 Christian MPs and Speaker of the House - S.P.Singha - Constitution of Pakistan took them as partners and than it became reality because those guys made Pakistan reality. Now she is the one who signed that document. Why you guys, Ass-Off, Wilson and anyone else for that matter , protest in front of the Palace and tell - why did she give our people into slavery - or tell us otherwise. That is what I am stressing on. Taskeen is kissing Musharraf's ass all the time, Wilson lately has found out that protests in front of the Pakistan Embassy didn't produce any fruits and now, hopefully thinking about a different strategy - what that strategy is, I am not aware. But you guys could have lots of power - you are where the puck stops.

  3. I admire courage and strength of Wilson Chaudary. He is a youngman, a British born citizen as yet so passionate about the plight of members of the Christian nation of Pakistan. Most kids and young people born of Pakistani origin parents don't even communicate with their own cousins - never mind doing what Mr. Chaudary does. I not only respected him but also encouraged him to carry on with this passion and commend him for doing excellent work of informing the government of UK as to how badly the members of the Christian Nation of Pakistan are treated by the government of Pakistan as well majority of Pakistan which include Muslim Extremists.

    Now, why did the Pakistani High Commission refused him a visa to visit his roots in Pakistan. Is the government of Pakistan afraid of him - what wrong he has done, one should question the Pakistani High Commission and Government of Pakistan which advised the High Commission not to issue him a visa. Doesn't he has the right to visit his roots in Pakistan from where his parents immigrated to UK. Is the government of Pakistan refusing a visa to a British National or citizen of Pakistan because of citizenship of Pakistan via his parents? I hope, Mr. Chaudary would have the government of UK involve and let them question the High Commission of Pakistan and government of Pakistan for the reasons for refusal to issue him a visa for Pakistan visit.

  4. Correct link for the story is