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Friday, 1 April 2011

Our Catholic brothers in the UK will join us in solidarity!

The combined church of God is a force to be reckoned with!

Today Wilson Chowdhry met with James Ranger the Assistant Editor and Foreign News Editor for "The Tablet". This is one of the leading Catholic News Magazines and is a real think tank for their Community. James will be writing a news story on Shahbaz Bhatti and wanted to hear from the BPCA about the situation in Pakistan and the impact of Shahbaz Bhatti's life.

We have agreed to place a link to the story on our website once we have received it and having met and spoken with James, I can assure you the feature will be an awesome one.

The picture of the two of us was taken in Westminster Cathedral the Central Church for the English Catholic Diocese, we have spoken to their Public Affairs Office and hope soon to be able to confirm their commitment to join with us on the 2nd July. They have intimated that they will try to gain us a Bishop and a Pakistani priest to speak at our protest and we will keep the community notified.

The Catholic Herald the largest Catholic magazine in the UK will also be promoting our protest. They had contacted Wilson with a view to organise a rally for Pakistani Christians and were pleased to know that one had already been arranged.

Both the protestant and Catholic communities of Pakistan and the UK have strong ecumenical links, so it is natural for such a union of God's people. That it took so long for us to forge the Pakistani Christian link in the UK, is a real calamity as united we are invincible.

The gap is our communities in the UK is due to a lack of urdu speaking Catholic services in the UK, meaning that without specific Pakistani fellowships are brothers in the Catholic community are harder to reach. Perhaps the BPCA can be the necessary lynchpin...?

Obviously Catholic and other Christians of a non-Asian identity are most welcome to join us in opposing the continued tyranny against Pakistani Christians and other minorities.

The recent visit of the Pope to the UK was a groundbreaking event, and I and my family were pleased to have attended his concert in Hyde Park. The existing Pope has had a strong focus on eccumenicalism and his meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury was a moving and strong gesture of solidarity. We hope our smaller event will have an equally significant focus in creating better unity amongst all Christians in the UK.

Please pray for the march on the 2nd of July which looks it will be a great rousing success!

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  1. wilson chowdhry i appriciate your courage i am pakistani Christian from peshawar . now i am living in Bristol UK . i will stand with you

    john major