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Friday, 15 April 2011

New global events calendar for our community!

Well done William Sidhu form St Pauls Church, Coventry, the first to join our calender users!

The BPCA is concerned that our community is not as united or linked up as it should be. With so many of our churches dotted around the country it is hard to keep track of when our community events are being held, what they are about and inevitably it leads to churches working contra to each other, rather than avoiding other specific dates.

In an attempt to give our community more choice, better knowledge of events and a tool for more successful protests, we have created an electronic, multi-user updateable, user friendly (idiot-proof if you prefer) global calendar. Gosh that was a mouthful was it not?!

We would like Asian fellowships across the globe to use the free facility and request that those who feel they could benefit from the calendar just simply send us an email. Please include a User Name, Email and chosen personal password. We will then register your email and password and send you information on how to enter your events.

We decided on making the facility worldwide as we recognise that some of our brethren are more likely to attend Asian Fellowships whilst on holiday, if they know about the event. Moreover, we are hoping it will inspire the devout to shape their holiday plans around global Asian Christian events of particular interest. I for one, would love to attend a Catholic event in Rome when next on holiday there, after being inspired by the videos provided by Professor Shahid Mobeen.

The idea or concept of a global calendar was first thought up after I held a conversation with Reverend Amelia Jacob of St John's Church, Alperton. She was concerned that churches were not trying to avoid each others events and as a consequence were reducing the productivity of our community. I hope this venture works...

I sent many of the UK Asian Churches an email calling for them to join up. William Sidhu of the Coventry Church was the first to reply and has already updated the first event on our Calendar. His event is a Convention day on the 28th May 2011 to be held at St Paul's Church, Coventry. You can read more details on our website Calendar, just simply click the link to our website below:

(Click here)

Then click the link to the Calendar which is clearly labelled on our home page!

I will be speaking on the subject of persecution and inequality in Pakistan, as an invited guest to the Coventry Convention. I encourage our community to come along and learn how you too can help with the global campaign.

Willaim Sidhu will also be completing a petition at the event which he intends to send to the United Nations. He has agreed to speak at our protest on the 2nd July and will be encouraging his church.

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