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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Update on Gujranwala protests.

Our informant in Pakistan who chooses to be unnamed for now has provided us with further details of the two protests in Gujranwala.

The Good Friday protest consisted of around 500 people and anti-Christian slogans and calls for the death of Farrukh Mushtaq and his father were shouted at the terrified Christian community.

The protest began with two seperate groups that started form different beginning but had planned to join the protests, for best effect, at the Mission Compound where the CTTC College is located.

As the prtotest travelled further along Sialkot Road, 4 protesters tried to enter the United Presbyterian Church of Gujranwala, however the professionalism of local Police prevented any escalation of violence.

On Hospital road some of the protesters tried to ambush a local church called Swift Memorial Church in the Civil Lines area. However, Police stemmed the surge and stones were thrown at the roof of the church. It is believed that no person was injured and minimal damage occurred to the Church building.

The protest ended at the local Police Station.

Our local informant told us:

"...a large protest was held at G.T Road today the place is called Sheran wala bagh (lion garden). tyres were burned and anti christian slogans rather abusive slogans were chanted. I didn't witness it but a muslim friend told me about that just few minutes ago. On friday they are planning a big protest.
last friday was Good Friday and it was clearly heard by some witnesses that mullah was announcing that it is now 2 pm, get out of your houses and destroy the streets of christians."

The Easter Sunday protest was a small affair with around 50 protesters. The protest occurred outside the house of Pastor Eric Masih who lives on Main Street, Gulzar Colony. Rumour has it that the protest at this location is a result of a call to arms said to the Christian community, should any Christian community be attacked by any militants.

The Christian Community of Gujranwala have been protected well by local Police who deserves great credit. However, we ask our global brethren to pray for their continued safety of Christians of the town and for a cessation of the evident community angst.


  1. We thank you so very much for these important updates. We have you in our heart and in our prayers. May the Lord protect and strengthen you and grant you peace. In His Love, your family from America.

  2. FIRST OF ALL...Thanx alot for this information and our prayers are with you may god protect all of christians