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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gujranwala Christians subjected to hate campaign at Easter

The Christian Community of Gujranwala in the Punjab have been subjected to a hate campaign led by extremist groups over the Easter period.

A protest calling for the deaths of Farrukh Mushtraq and his father the two innocent men recently accused of a blasphemy. Ensuing chants and slogans within the protest have called for severe action against the Christians residing in the city. So far the very proactive local Police have managed to prevent any violence. However the venomous anger of the protesters has created great fear amongst Christians.

A protest was held on Good Friday and on Easter Day, two of the most holy dates in the Christian Calendar - each time the size of the protest has grown. The selection of these dates is a clear indication of an attempt to destabilize and intimidate local Christians.

Our Gujranwala Christian community have been warned that the biggest protest is expected to take place on Friday and we call on the global Christian community to pray for a cessation to the extremism that is surfacing in this city.

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