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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ilford Church Memorial to Shahbaz Bhatti

The old and young generation of Pakistani Christians in the UK, came out to remember the late great Shahbaz Bhatti A lavish meal was laid out for guests, the table talk focused on memories of Shahbaz Bhatti and his work. An emotional speech from Wilson spoke of the reluctance of Shahbaz Bhatti to get into politics, however, he filled a vacuum that was desperately needed for his people. Women and men spoke of the tragic loss of a great humanitarian. Young and old celebrated the life of a true hero. John Bosco of Christian Link talked of Shahbaz Bhatti's dedication to his people. All speakers lit a candle before the image of Shahbaz Bhatti in memory of a martyr for the faith. Families attended and assisted with the planning and preparation of the event. The Deputy High Commissioner spoke of his relationship with Shahbaz Bhatti. Reverend Napoleon reminded us that Shahbaz Bhatti entered heaven not for his martyrdom abut for his faith. His martyrdom however was a great example of sacrifice. Hundreds attended the memorial a conservative estimate would be around 250 people. Mp Mike Gapes spoke of his shock at the despicable assassination of the great humanitarian. Candles were lit at the end of the service and carried in procession to the rear of the church, in memory of a man whose vision and light will never be put out.

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